Brielle 11 months

Brielle is already 11 months and walking like she’s going on 2. She has an older brother to keep up with and she is determined to do just that! She is often found toddling around with a mini stick in hand, attempting to use it to hit the ball… sometimes even when Isaiah is napping. I’m not sure if it’s because she really is working on her skills to be able to beat him, or if it’s just what she thinks is the next step. “This must be the reason you learn to walk. Learn to walk and then learn to play hockey”.

DSC_0916In the past couple of weeks Brielle seems to be babbling so much more. She continues to say “ma” for a lot of things. She says “ma ma ma” when she sees me, and “ma ma ma” in an annoyed tone when she’s anxious for more food (her version of more), and “mmm ma” for Grandma when we arrive at Grandma’s house to visit. I think it’s Brielle’s own form of a tonal language. Her other adorable word is “hi”. Whenever we are saying hi to someone we will hear Brielle’s little high girly voice say “hi” too. Whenever I talk to her and try to get her to say more things, Isaiah comes running over, insisting that Brielle’s next word should be Isaiah. We’re working on that.

It’s so fun to see Brielle learning to love books. Sometimes she is quiet and I go to find where she has wandered off to. There she sits in her room, perched in front of the book shelf. Pulling books off and looking through them, one by one. She has a distinct favourite right now– Moo baa lala. Sometimes if you start quoting the book she will fill in the blanks, ‘the cow says, “moooo”, the sheep says “ba, ba”‘. So fun!

DSC_0898Brielle loves the Christmas tree. Her favourite game is to hold onto the branches and shake them until one of the ornaments falls off. At which point she picks it up and puts it in her mouth. This is the stage.

DSC_0900DSC_0901 DSC_0912At this age Brielle does so well playing on her own. As long as she is rested and fed she is happy to just walk around and find things to play. One of her favourite activities right now is emptying the cupboards. Tupperware, pots and pans, olive oil and vinegar bottles, everywhere. Time to get the child proof clips on some of these cupboards!

DSC_0906Lastly, Brielle is starting to try putting headbands on her head, or socks on my feet. If she finds one of her headbands in the diaper bag or on the floor, I’ve seen her reach for it and attempt to pull it on her head. Too cute! The other day she found my sock in my room and started swinging it against my foot. Smart cookie! Watching everything.

DSC_0755 DSC_0798

Brielle it’s so fun to be celebrating the first Christmas with you as a part of our family! Your joy is contagious. We love you little one!


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