Brielle is 10 months

DSC_0121November 12 came and Brielle turned 10 months. She has always been eager to keep up with her brother and took another big step towards that (literally) with learning to walk! Just a couple days before she turned 10 months she was walking 4-5 steps at a time, back and forth between Jon and I. So early to walk my dear girl, but so fun!

Brielle’s days are filled with exploring. She is such a curious little girl. We put her on the floor to play with toys and off she goes, pulling things out of baskets, emptying the cupboards, looking out the windows, and even fishing in the toilet bowl if I’m not quick enough. 😐

DSC_0114DSC_0111Brielle loves to play with Isaiah. They have this thing lately where he pushes his head up against her and wiggles it back and forth, she pulls his hair and they giggle and giggle.

Practicing walking is so so fun! During the warmer days last month we spent some time on our patio and Brielle practiced walking pushing this toy around. We sometimes had to turn her around before she crashed into the garden.

DSC_0077 DSC_0086 DSC_0089 DSC_0092 DSC_0097 DSC_0099 The necklace she’s wearing in these photos really is one of her favorite toys right now. She has pretty much adopted this one from me. She grabs at it when it is on me and loves to proudly wear it whenever I let her.  DSC_0119 Briella bella- my beautiful girl. You are more fun every day. You are an amazing addition our family!

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Mothering; more than I ever imagined

DSC_9545I’ve been reflecting this week on my journey of mothering, both the good and the hard. I’ve written posts like this in my mind 100 times over the past two years, but then they never really happen. I know that my blog portrays the good parts of parenting, of our little family. That stuff is so much easier to share. Who wants to write about the hard days, the less glamorous parts. But I feel like I can’t avoid it any longer.

This week it has struck me that really this journey of becoming a mother has been both more incredible and more difficult than I ever imagined.

I remember writing to a friend when Isaiah was a couple months old and saying, ‘I can’t believe how amazing motherhood really is. Nothing can prepare you for the amazing journey of falling in love with your baby’. The connection to this child that was formed within your womb, that was given breath and became their own separate being. It is incredible. And then watching them grow. Watching them learn to clap or to crawl, taking first steps, saying first words. I’ve heard it said that it’s like your heart on the outside and sometimes I so resonate with that!

And then the difficult. This week I’ve been aware again of the difficult. First it’s sorting out sleep, or for us maybe that’s the constant, getting our children to sleep uninterrupted stretches. Then it’s getting them to eat solids, figuring out how to provide them with healthy meals and what that looks like for our family. Now those things seem to be more sorted out for Isaiah but he’s almost two and has become well acquainted with “no”. Teaching him to listen, guiding him as he asserts his independence. It’s exhausting work! It’s so much harder than I ever knew.

But introducing them to new adventures is incredible. The fair, the demolition derby. My enjoyment of these things is exponential when I get to watch them experiencing them. With joy that is so present it is tangible. Isaiah’s giggles as the cars race around the track again. His joy at home as he replicates the counting, the smashing, the getting stuck. Pure joy.DSC_8872Then they are learning to play together, to interact, so fun. Until it turns to wrestling and tackling and Isaiah doesn’t want to listen to the “give her space, not right now”. And they are in a pile and in tears. And we are coming up with new strategies to guide and direct them.

Another night I take a little longer tucking Brielle into bed. I pray over her as I do every night with them both. Tonight my eyes fill with tears as I am immensely aware of the privilege and honour of being given this little girl to raise, to be a part of our family. She’s pretty incredible; they both are.

So I take another deep breath. In the midst of the hard and the good. I say ‘thank you God’ for these incredible blessings and thank you, that in the midst of the difficult you are there too. Gently leading me, leading us, as we lead them. Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.16.07 PMTo follow my blog, click “Follow” in the sidebar. You will receive notifications of new posts by email.

Isaiah continues to grow

So full of life and energy is our little boy. He talks from sun up to sun down… well really even before that, our day starts long before sun up.DSC_9473Isaiah’s favourite things are: horses, race cars, airplanes, trains and still hockey. When Isaiah and Jon are first awake in the morning, Jon often watches sports highlights. One day Jon searched on you tube for hockey highlights to show Isaiah. What came up is a Norweigen song and a bunch of fun plays. Well Isaiah decided he heard the lyric “bon bon stein”. And from then on would run around the room with his hockey stick, sliding all over the carpet (errr… ice) saying “bon bon stein, mommy!” It’s now evolved to ‘look Mommy I’m skating!’ We have yet to get skates on his feet for him to try this for real.

This fall we went to two demolition derbies where Isaiah got to watch Uncle Darrell race in the figure eights. He was a bit apprehensive by how loud it was, but at one of the races a lady near us gave him ear plugs. It’s amazing looking into his eyes at an event like that. His brain seems to be running in overdrive as he takes it all in. Well since he returned home from those, his play cars have taken on a whole new life. He lines them all up side by side, takes a step back and starts counting with all the passion in him, “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, GO RACE CARSSSSSSSSS!” And then he crashes them all together. Usually he runs over to me at some point and says “mommy this one has a fire”. Uncle Darrell inevitably wins every time. Sometimes the cars break and then he says “Uncle Darrell fixes it”. Uncle Darrell is pretty much a hero.

IMG_0527  IMG_0522    IMG_0546Just around the corner from where we live there is a big construction project going on. They are working on a one way tunnel under the railroad tracks. Isaiah’s favourite thing to do is to go and watch the construction vehicles! Every day when we go outside he excitedly asks if we are going to see the construction trucks. And when we return home he retells the whole thing, “the digger pushed the dirt up the hill, Daddy!” “The excavator was digging!” We have gotten to know the construction workers. One day they said to me, “I think these kids were here yesterday with their daddy”. Yep. They probably were.

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was a bit highlight for Isaiah. He loved to be able to walk around and check out so many pumpkins.

DSC_9498“Mommy, this one is bumpy. That one is not bumpy, it is smooth”. DSC_9563Isaiah still likes to wake up once during the night to nurse. We’ve really been working on this and one of the strategies is that Jon goes in and settles him. Part of that interaction usually includes, “Isaiah, the cows are sleeping, the horses are sleeping, the race cars, the squirrels are sleeping and Mommy is sleeping. You need to go back to sleep”. Now when I go and get him up in the morning he says, “Mommy, the cows are waking up, the sun is waking up”. Thanks to the time change this is still far too early of an hour to begin the day… we are working on it.

I’ve been spending intentional time with Isaiah during Brielle’s morning nap, doing a one on one activity with him. His favourite activity lately seems to be painting! He has a simple paint book and loves to get all the colours onto the page. We also do colouring and playdoh but painting is clearly the favourite right now.

DSC_9464Isaiah your excitement for all things social and interactive, your joy and energy are amazing! I love to see you playing with your Daddy or with your sister and having so much fun. It’s amazing to watch you take in new experiences and then replicate them when you get home. Your little brain making all these connections as you learn this world around you. I love my cuddles with you still as we sing Jesus Loves Me together every night and I tuck you in. You’re full of life and purpose and I can’t wait to see the next months and years unfold!

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