Brielle turns 9 months

DSC_1319Brielle turned 9 months old on October 12. This month I feel like her learning has accelerated! She learned how to clap on our trip home from Florida and she hasn’t stopped since! We were waiting at our gate for our plane to leave when I realized that she was really trying to clap her hands together. She loves her new skill and is quick to show it off now. She also has started using it to sign “more”. Just like her brother did. She also signs milk with a twist of her wrist. Although her preferred method of communicating that she wants milk is by head bombing into my chest. “Mom… you know what I mean. Forget the sign”. DSC_1326Da da da da. This month Brielle learned to say da da. Of course it melts her Daddy’s heart again and again. She also learned to say na na na. She’s learning to communicate and it’s so fun!

DSC_1180Brielle is on the move, everywhere, constantly. When she’s at Grandma and Grandpa’s house her favourite thing to get into is the plants. She presses her hands into the soil and wiggles them around for a while. So fascinated with the feeling. Usually that’s followed by pulling the soil out of the pot and tasting it. Isaiah is sure to run over and say, “Brielle, it’s not food!!”


Isaiah likes to crawl just like she does… especially if we are giving her attention for whatever it is she is doing.

This month Brielle was moved to a full sized crib out of our room. She’s done really well with the transition, and they have both done very well with the transition to sharing a room. We were pretty nervous with how they would do but so far they rarely wake each other up.

Brielle’s confidence in pulling herself to standing is pretty crazy. The day before she turned 9 months Jon and I both saw her stand totally on her own for a couple of seconds. She let go of what she was holding onto and just stood there. And then it looked as if suddenly she realized she was standing, and she slowly lowered herself into a squat and to the floor. She’s going to be walking before we know it. ‘Gotta keep up with my big brother’.

DSC_0933We had some fall fun in the leaves. Isaiah throwing them up in the air, Brielle crawling around in them. These moments are so good for my heart. It’s so amazing watching them have fun and embrace life. These times give me energy for the hard parenting moments.

DSC_0942 DSC_0947 DSC_0949 Later this month Brielle learned to throw her hands up in the air for “hooray”, which she learned because of ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. She loves show off her skills. When people are around she will sometimes just put one in the air. Numerous times people have said to me “what is she doing”. Just proudly trying to show you her tricks.DSC_1379Brielle, I love the way you get so excited when I wake up in the morning and crawl over to me, “a ma ma ma ma ma”. And then cuddle into my shoulder when I pick you up. I love the way I can put you to sleep by rubbing your forehead as you drift away into peaceful sleep, safe in your mommy’s arms. I love the way I can make you giggle and giggle, and that you make me giggle right back. And Daddy says “you two are too cute”. I love the privilege of being your mommy, precious girl.

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