Brielle turns seven months

DSC_8825August 12 came and Brielle turned seven months old. She’s convinced she’s actually just turned a year… or that’s how it seems watching her being so ambitious with all this crawling and standing.

This month was a full month of experiences; camping, flying to Thunder Bay– meeting Uncle Bradley for the first time and visiting her cousin Beckam again, swimming in a lake and so much more.

Watching her with this mirror was pretty adorable. First just taking it in. DSC_8816Then giving herself kisses. DSC_8813 And then deciding that actually a reflection of yourself is pretty scary. DSC_8822This age has been tons of fun. Brielle is constantly on the move. Soon after turning six months she figured out this crawling thing and she hasn’t stopped since. Last week I was putting Isaiah for a nap in his room and she came crawling all the way down the hall to find us. Within a few days of learning to crawl she figured out pulling herself to standing. She loves to stand at the coffee table, or against the couch if we are sitting there. She loves the sound of pounding on the coffee table, and repeatedly does it. Brielle loves to be where Isaiah is. When he’s in his high chair she makes her way over there and stands holding onto his seat, smiling away at him! DSC_8829 These two together— melt my heart regularly! DSC_8830 Brielle loves to play this piano! She bangs those keys and loves to hear the music she can make. DSC_8835 Until she realizes she’d rather be crawling…DSC_8842 And off she goes! DSC_8845Here’s her first recorded piece: With six months came the milestone of introducing solids. So far she has had cucumber, yellow/ red/ green peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, watermelon and chicken. So far she’s been enthusiastic about everything she has tried!

eating with Daddy Pretty focused on this yellow pepper.eating

This month Brielle got her bottom two teeth. She was such a champ through teething that I didn’t even notice they were coming in. One day Jon noticed the little white spot on the left and within a few more days she had a second tooth.

For a few months now I’ve been meaning to talk about Brielle’s favourite songs. It’s crazy how she will settle right down with the sound of one of them. When she was very new I put my own lyrics to the song “Beautiful One”. Instead I sang,

Beautiful girl, I love you
Beautiful girl, you are mine
Beautiful girl, I’ll always love you.

The other song we sing is our own version of her full name, Brielle Kaelyn. Another of her favourites. Whether we’re on a long car ride or putting her to sleep, she settles right down and listens carefully when we sing these choruses.

DSC_8810Our beautiful little girl, you are full of smiles and giggles. Your daring personality is coming through more and more. You’re obviously set on catching up to your brother; he’s a pretty incredible part of your world! I love watching you grow my darling girl!

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