Thunder Bay “vacation”

Our vacation this summer had a bit of a different flavour. We packed our bags and headed north to Thunder Bay, to ‘help’ Bradley and Sarah on the house they are building. I say ‘help’ in parenthesis because I am not naive to the fact that our little family comes with a lot of busyness. Just keeping these children fed, safe, rested, content seems like a feat to be proud of each day. And doing it while camping adds a whole other challenge. Jon did get to spend a bunch of time helping at the job site, thanks to my amazing Mom who helped out with the kids. For the first few days Mom and I made it our goal to watch Isaiah, Brielle and Beckam (Bradley and Sarah’s one year old) for the day, and then cook lunch and dinner for the work crew. Lets just say that lasted a few days before Mom and I were both exhausted and realized that our goals were a bit overly ambitious. Two one year olds and a six month old (who crawls everywhere and puts everything in her mouth) is enough to keep up with!

Here are some pictures of our full, fun, busy, hard-working week.

DSC_8658DSC_8660DSC_8666The person contracted to do the excavation on the property left his excavator at the site. Excavators have been Isaiah’s favorite vehicle to talk about for months, so this was beyond excitement for him. Whenever he was at the site, he would head down the path to the excavator. If no one was interested in joining him, he’d start off on his own. Grandpa even put him in the cab.

Isaiah excavatorBreak time at the construction site, you can see Isaiah in the distance, heading to the excavator.

IMG_2729DSC_8717DSC_8737DSC_8725Beckam and Isaiah loved the sand pit that the excavator was in. Beckam has no issues with getting dirty. He rolls and jumps in the sand as if it’s a big pile of snow. Such an adorable nephew!

IMG_2666Brielle ate her share of sand too. With this new discovery of crawling, there’s no keeping her on blankets anymore. She crawls straight off to discover the more exciting things. Sand, pebbles. Keeps Mommy on her toes! IMG_2671Bradley found work for everyone who wanted it. So fun to be a part of their big project!  IMG_0399

IMG_2662 IMG_0268IMG_0411IMG_2687Beckam loves to try climbing the ladders. He’s spent many hours in the last few months watching people climb them. Isaiah wanted to try too!

DSC_8765The machines, the construction site, the airplane ride to and from Thunder Bay. What a week for Isaiah!

DSC_8783This is the view from the top floor of their house. What a gorgeous property! And what an amazing house it will be!

IMG_2723We didn’t manage to get many pictures of the “kids zone” at the construction site. This is how we kept track of them all one day.

DSC_8654Beckam was pretty crazy about his cousin Brielle. He loved to point at her and give her kisses. DSC_8770 … or feed her wood chips. Whatever cousins do to express their love. DSC_8790Oh to be a second born. Isaiah offered to share … a tent peg.

DSC_8795Sunday was our day of rest. We relaxed by spending some time on the beach, at the park, on the campsite.

DSC_8675IMG_2702Beckam loved the slide! Watching him go down the slide and give a huge smile every time was one of the highlights of my trip! DSC_8695 DSC_8699 DSC_8709 Winding down at night by the campfire, by Isaiah’s request. Because we are so far north, it didn’t get late until almost 10 each night. So Isaiah didn’t get to see the campfire much. But this night his daddy made one just for him.DSC_8743Brielle got to see some of the campfire too. She seemed to enjoy her first summer of camping.IMG_2693IMG_2709Grandpa had two little helpers staking the tent down. DSC_8796After watching Grandpa once Isaiah was confident he could do it on his own. He’d seen enough people swinging hammers this week to know how it’s done.

DSC_8804 DSC_8803 Amazing Aunt Amanda… managing all three. Isaiah’s clearly not in the mood for posing for photos.IMG_2640 One day, on the drive from the campsite to the job site (literally three minutes) all three babies fell asleep in their car seats. I was sitting between them, Mom driving. House building is exhausting work for toddlers! IMG_2677 What a great week! A taste of Bradley and Sarah and Beckam’s lives this summer. Too bad we don’t live close enough to head over more often. Darrell and Steph overlapped our time there by a couple days. Steph managed to get in a few pictures but I didn’t get any of Darrell hard at work. Wilson’s- we missed you! It was incomplete without you!

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