Brielle is six months

DSC_8505Brielle’s sixth month was full of movement! She figured out how to sit on her own not too long after turning five months and soon after figured out her own way to get around. It involved flat feet and her bum way in the air. Too cute.

DSC_8510DSC_8513  DSC_8534During this month Brielle graduated from her cradle to a small crib. She still sleeps in our room next to me; mostly because Mommy and Daddy aren’t willing to risk the siblings waking each other up yet and we still live in a two bedroom apartment. With such an active little baby, we were having trouble with her getting her arms or legs stuck in the slats of the cradle. Upgrading to the crib didn’t solve it. Yes she had further to move, but she still managed to get stuck. The first day we had the crib I found mesh bumper pads. We’ve all been sleeping more peacefully since!

It’s been fun to see Brielle exploring her voice this month. Her favourite sound is “ba ba ba”. For a few days every time she would start saying it, Isaiah would chime in to finish the nursery rhyme “Black sheep, have you any wool? yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full”. The other sound she makes inconsistently is when she is very tired and I am getting her ready for bed. Sometimes her cries are mixed with “ma ma ma ma ma”. I’m not sure that she really knows she’s calling for me but it melts my heart a little bit anyways!

Brielle’s signature is the big open mouth smile. It’s so easy to engage her smiles with simple looks in her direction. It’s often a silent smile, with just this big toothless grin.

DSC_8475Brielle is at a stage of loving to grab faces. Whenever she is within reach her hands are sure to be exploring your nose, eyes, teeth, earrings, hair… whatever she can find!  DSC_8468In the past month Brielle has begun to pay much more attention when we read her stories. It’s fun to see her interact with the pages, noticing the pictures in front of her and sometimes reaching out to touch them. reading with DaddyThis month was Brielle’s first camping trip! She seemed to love it… good thing. She’s in good company with her parents and her brother. We camped with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Amanda, Aunt Steph & Uncle Darrell. Brielle loved her time with Grandma. She’s pretty fond of her. Brielle’s eyes light up when she sees Grandma, and she’s all smiles! DSC_8370 DSC_8373Brielle, our days are so fun with you in them! My favourite moments are when Isaiah is playing near you and something he does makes you giggle. Nothing can make you giggle like he can.

DSC_8490DSC_8494At the same time… good thing you’re learning to move. Sometimes his kisses are oh-so-sweet one moment, and the next moment he’s testing how strong you really can sit by pushing you over. You’ll be pushing back in no time!

Brielle, I love you in our family and I love getting to know you more and more. You’re an amazing little girl.

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