Brielle turns five months

DSC_8045At five months Brielle is full of joy. She loves to roll front to back, back to front, and rotate around and around. When I pick her up out of her bed she is often facing the opposite direction and has turned over a few times from where I put her down. This month we moved her from the cradle to a half crib, still in our room. We had to get mesh bumper pads too because she moves so much that she would often wake up crying with an arm or a leg sticking out of the side. Always on the move! She’s also managed to get up on all fours sometimes when she’s playing on her tummy. Not so fast little girl! Stay my little baby for a bit longer, okay? Oh the giggles, oh the fun. Brielle loves to watch her big brother. He can be talking across the room and she focuses on nothing but him. If he comes and talks to her it will often result in giggles from both parties. Melt a mommy’s heart.


Brielle has loved the summer weather and getting to spend time in the swing. Her face lights up with each swing, back and forth, back and forth.

DSC_8066 DSC_8075She loves to hold onto things now; her feet, rattles. She plays with them intently, and when she holds a rattle it is as if she is determined to figure out what is making that sound.

Whenever you hold Brielle looking at her, she locks her knees and wants to stand. She is so strong on her feet already.

DSC_8105She has this adorable little thing she does when you are holding her looking away. Periodically she’ll turn around and meet your eyes, as if to say, “is it still you who is holding me? Just checking in”. Precious.

DSC_8098Brielle definitely knows her mommy and daddy and the other people she spends a lot of time with. She will intently watch them from across a row even, or down the row at church. Grandma, Aunt Amanda. People who she has spent a lot of time with recently!

DSC_8039 My beautiful girl– I just keep loving you more! Your eyes melt my heart. I can’t get enough kisses. Your giggles are amazing again and again. Your cry can tear me apart in moments. You have stolen my heart and I love you dearly!

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