Florida – Brielle meets the McClouds

It’s been a couple months now since our trip to Florida but I need to post some of the photos from our amazing trip. Better late than never!

On Friday April 10 our little family ventured off for our first flying adventure as a family of four. The kids did so so well on the plane. The first weekend we were there was spent in Vero Beach, introducing Brielle to Jon’s parents, sisters and brother in law. And then of course letting them catch up with Isaiah as well.

The first day we were in Vero, we made sure to visit the beach. It was Brielle’s first time at the beach or the ocean, and Isaiah probably didn’t remember that long ago.

DSC_6738  DSC_6743 DSC_6744 DSC_6749Isaiah and Daddy at beachMcCloud beach time  Mommy forgot Brielle’s hat so she got to wear her brothers over-sized hat. DSC_6754First time touching her toes in the ocean. (She wasn’t asleep… just not sure about the bright bright sun!) DSC_6759

Back at home, Isaiah quickly enlisted Grandad to play hockey with him.DSC_6765

Aunt Kristen took him outside to use sidewalk chalk on the driveway. A first for Isaiah- our driveway was still too cold for sidewalk chalk.DSC_6775 DSC_6779

Out for dinner that night, Brielle got to meet one of her great grandmothers. “Granny” was thrilled to spend some time with her great grandchildren. So much joy!DSC_6782 DSC_6784 DSC_6795Nana worked hard and got some beautiful smiles out of Brielle!

DSC_6803 Standing on the dock… watching the dolphins… looking at the boats. This is the good life!

It was such a full and busy day that Isaiah slept through the night! The rest of the weekend was full of fun family times including swimming in the pool, lots of hockey and books and building towers, passing Brielle around and seeing her heart melting smiles, and showing these kiddos off at church.

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