Isaiah- 18 months

Isaiah is so full of new discoveries and new vocabulary that I honestly cannot keep track of them. It seems like every day, every hour, there is something new. It really is a privilege to spend my days with him.

Isaiah never stops talking. From the moment I go in to get him out of his crib he begins speaking. I am usually greeted with “where’s Daddy? Daddy home? Daddy here?” Quickly followed by, “Daddy cutting grass? Lawn mower?” Jon has a landscaping job for some extra income over the summer. He works long hours a lot of days, and yesterday was one of those. Bedtime was a bit chaotic here and I sent out an SOS message to my Dad. He came over and read Isaiah a couple books while I got Brielle to sleep. When Dad sat in the chair with Isaiah on his lap, Isaiah turned around and said “Hi Grandpa. Daddy still working… err… lawnmower… cutting grass”. A whole conversation and update on the day!

DSC_8269Isaiah loves music and songs. He loves it when music is playing and often is asking me to sing a song. One time we were walking past a river and I said “hey Isaiah look at the river”. And started singing “The River of God”… a blast from my past. Well unfortunately he has not let me live it down, because it has become his favorite song. Whenever I ask him what he wants to sing he says “river, river”.

This past week God has totally been speaking to me through him, through songs. One day I was having a stressful day feeling like our family’s lives are up in the air and in a rough moment he said, “Mommy? Whole world?” Asking me to sing “He’s got the whole world in His hands”. Then yesterday in a hard moment he started saying “Mommy… Oh How I Need You”, also wanting me to sing that song. All Christ in Him, speaking to and through Him. So amazing to be a witness to this!

Isaiah loves to run. In one of his favorite books “Llama Llama Red Pajama” there is a line that says “Mama llama run, run, run”. Because of this Isaiah loves to say “run run run” and come dashing across the room. In aisles in the store he will slowly back up and then say, “Mommy? Mommy? Run, run, run” as he races towards me.

DSC_8188 DSC_8199 DSC_8204

Almost two months ago now Amanda took Isaiah, Brielle and I to meet the horse that she rides, Lexi. What we didn’t know then is that conversations about Lexi would become a central part to Isaiah’s life for the next few months. He talks about her constantly. Usually in relation to Aunt Amanda. Ironically, as I typed this he came up to me and said, “Aunt Amanda riding Lexi? Picture Lexi, Mommy”.

Every time we pray for the meal Isaiah adds in his prayers. Typically along the lines of Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Amanda… and now almost every prayer includes a prayer for Lexi.

DSC_7650 DSC_7683 DSC_7657Another big highlight in Isaiah’s past few months was a GO train trip to Toronto. Isaiah has loved trains for a while now and getting to ride on one was pretty amazing for him. He listened carefully to all the announcements the conductor made and by the time we got to Toronto was repeating “attention passengers”, “all aboard”. He has told and retold the experience to many people! “Train, fast, attention passengers, all aboard, train station”. We spent the day in Toronto, visiting a close friend, Natasha, and visiting Riverdale farm. All in all an experience Isaiah cannot easily forget!

A few weeks ago, I was reading Isaiah an alphabet book and he started filling in the next letters. I realized that we had read so many alphabet books that he knew a lot of his alphabet (it helps that it comes in a song. And anything in a song is so easy for him to remember. Like father like son?)

(Forgive the quality of the video. I had Brielle in one hand while recording… as I’m sure you can hear)

Counting is a close second. I guess without realizing we’ve counted a lot of things. Now Isaiah will himself line up the blocks and say “count them. 1.. 2.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10”. His counting is pretty great but somehow three doesn’t make the cut.

DSC_8231 DSC_8232Isaiah’s love for books is no less intense than it was before. In fact I think it may have increased again. One of his favorite things to do is to run back and forth to one of his baskets of books and bring them to us to read to him. So many of his books he has memorized and he will fill in the blanks. It amazes me… I read it twice and the third time he tells it back to me. We frequent the library as often as we can and he gets very excited. “Library! Library!” When I take him out of the stroller he runs and pulls a book off the shelf, brings it to me and listens the whole book through. And then gets another. And another. I easily find myself reading him (or usually them, as Brielle is also a captive audience) at least 20 books.DSC_8307DSC_8310Isaiah’s favorite food right now? Sauce. Oh wait… is that not a food group? He sure thinks it is! He loves to dip anything into sauce. Usually it is an olive oil/ balsamic vinegar mix that I make. Sometimes its guacamole or hummas. Really anything pureed is considered sauce. I need to get much more creative about this. He also loves smoothies. Kale/ spinach, a banana and a bit of other fruit, changes for variety. He also loves craisins and muffins. Both treats he gets occasionally but loves and asks for constantly.With the wonderful summer weather we have been spending a lot of time at the park. Isaiah loves to run around and play… for hours if I left him. His latest skill is climbing up the slide.DSC_8234 DSC_8237  DSC_8245Isaiah life with you just gets more fun. We love to see your personality coming alive more and more every day, week, month. We love you!

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Brielle turns five months

DSC_8045At five months Brielle is full of joy. She loves to roll front to back, back to front, and rotate around and around. When I pick her up out of her bed she is often facing the opposite direction and has turned over a few times from where I put her down. This month we moved her from the cradle to a half crib, still in our room. We had to get mesh bumper pads too because she moves so much that she would often wake up crying with an arm or a leg sticking out of the side. Always on the move! She’s also managed to get up on all fours sometimes when she’s playing on her tummy. Not so fast little girl! Stay my little baby for a bit longer, okay? Oh the giggles, oh the fun. Brielle loves to watch her big brother. He can be talking across the room and she focuses on nothing but him. If he comes and talks to her it will often result in giggles from both parties. Melt a mommy’s heart.


Brielle has loved the summer weather and getting to spend time in the swing. Her face lights up with each swing, back and forth, back and forth.

DSC_8066 DSC_8075She loves to hold onto things now; her feet, rattles. She plays with them intently, and when she holds a rattle it is as if she is determined to figure out what is making that sound.

Whenever you hold Brielle looking at her, she locks her knees and wants to stand. She is so strong on her feet already.

DSC_8105She has this adorable little thing she does when you are holding her looking away. Periodically she’ll turn around and meet your eyes, as if to say, “is it still you who is holding me? Just checking in”. Precious.

DSC_8098Brielle definitely knows her mommy and daddy and the other people she spends a lot of time with. She will intently watch them from across a row even, or down the row at church. Grandma, Aunt Amanda. People who she has spent a lot of time with recently!

DSC_8039 My beautiful girl– I just keep loving you more! Your eyes melt my heart. I can’t get enough kisses. Your giggles are amazing again and again. Your cry can tear me apart in moments. You have stolen my heart and I love you dearly!

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Florida- more extended family time

After spending some time in Vero we headed to a resort outside of Orlando with Mom and Dad McCloud and Grandmama and Grandad Willis. It was a great few days of spending quality time together and relaxing. The resort was right on a couple golf courses. This was the view from our room. DSC_6845Isaiah LOVED to watch the golfers play. At first he was calling them hockey players, we had to teach him “golf” and “golf players”. One morning he woke up early and hung out with Nana and Grandad and they taught him “golf cart”. This was the next most exciting thing to see from our veranda. There were also some wild turkey’s wandering the course, he loved to see them as well.

DSC_6858Eating breakfast overlooking the golf course. Life is good! DSC_6850The resort had three great pools and we enjoyed them fully. J and IIReady, set, throw! Again and again and again.DSC_5401Some people hung out beside the pools and had some quality time with Brielle.

DSC_5368But all the Florida sunshine and heat wore her out! A nap by the poolside.

DSC_5374 Nicole and brielleNana got in as many cuddles and smiles as she possibly could!

DSC_6887 DSC_6882Great grandparents with their only great grandchildren. They were excited to show us a hotel that they know very well and have spent a lot of time at. Isaiah loved the pools and we did too. One day Jon and I even got away for a game of tennis and a swim with just the two of us while Nana and Grandad watched the kids.DSC_6876IMG_6254The whole group of us.

IMG_3608DSC_6865 DSC_6861 DSC_6895Quality time, resting, making memories… a great few days together! All in all, what a great trip!

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Florida – Brielle meets the McClouds

It’s been a couple months now since our trip to Florida but I need to post some of the photos from our amazing trip. Better late than never!

On Friday April 10 our little family ventured off for our first flying adventure as a family of four. The kids did so so well on the plane. The first weekend we were there was spent in Vero Beach, introducing Brielle to Jon’s parents, sisters and brother in law. And then of course letting them catch up with Isaiah as well.

The first day we were in Vero, we made sure to visit the beach. It was Brielle’s first time at the beach or the ocean, and Isaiah probably didn’t remember that long ago.

DSC_6738  DSC_6743 DSC_6744 DSC_6749Isaiah and Daddy at beachMcCloud beach time  Mommy forgot Brielle’s hat so she got to wear her brothers over-sized hat. DSC_6754First time touching her toes in the ocean. (She wasn’t asleep… just not sure about the bright bright sun!) DSC_6759

Back at home, Isaiah quickly enlisted Grandad to play hockey with him.DSC_6765

Aunt Kristen took him outside to use sidewalk chalk on the driveway. A first for Isaiah- our driveway was still too cold for sidewalk chalk.DSC_6775 DSC_6779

Out for dinner that night, Brielle got to meet one of her great grandmothers. “Granny” was thrilled to spend some time with her great grandchildren. So much joy!DSC_6782 DSC_6784 DSC_6795Nana worked hard and got some beautiful smiles out of Brielle!

DSC_6803 Standing on the dock… watching the dolphins… looking at the boats. This is the good life!

It was such a full and busy day that Isaiah slept through the night! The rest of the weekend was full of fun family times including swimming in the pool, lots of hockey and books and building towers, passing Brielle around and seeing her heart melting smiles, and showing these kiddos off at church.

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