Brielle is four months

DSC_7641On May 12 Brielle turned four months. On this day Isaiah, Brielle and I were visiting Amanda and the horse that she rides right now, Lexi. Isaiah was asleep in his carseat when we arrived at the barn so I took some pictures with Brielle beside the car until he woke up. She was so fascinated by the grass!

Four months. This stage is my favorite! Brielle is such a content baby, playing with toys while she’s laying on her back, looking at things while laying on her tummy.

DSC_7631During this month Brielle learned to giggle. She giggled a couple times when she was 2-3 months but between 3-4 months it became so much more regular. She also has become so chatty. We keep saying she’ll have to speak up to get a word in edge wise with her brother around, so maybe she’s practicing already. Did I mention that I love this age?

During this month she also learned to roll from her tummy to her back. She’s officially on the move! No more leaving her in the middle of mommy’s bed while I tidy our room or walk away.


Hmmm. This is new. How did I get here?!

Isaiah and Brielle together just gets more fun too. I remember when I was freaking out about having two so close, one of my dear sisters said “just wait until he makes her smile, or they interact with one another. Then you’ll see how fun it is to have them close in age!” It’s been so true. Isaiah can make her coo and giggle which really amazes me. He is usually quite concerned that she has a toy near her. His latest is that he gives her a hockey stick, a ball, a rattle, a stuffed animal and piles them all on top of her in her bouncy chair… sometimes even a bus. He also is anxious to share his food with her by pressing whatever he is eating up to her lips. Her time will come, buddy. For now, breast milk is enough.

DSC_5160 DSC_7784 DSC_7790 Brielle must take after her daddy because her favourite time of day is morning. For a while now she wakes up chatting and cooing away. 6:30 hits and like a faithful alarm clock she starts cooing and talking. The best kind of alarm clock one could ask for! Usually I can doze on and off for a bit before her coos turn more into sqwaks “okay mom, I’m ready to start the day”.waking upBetween 3-4 months Brielle learned to sleep so well. She seems to have adjusted to life outside the womb. Her evenings were much happier and aside from when she is hungry or tired, it’s rare to see her upset.

Briella-bella, as we affectionately call you, you bring so much joy! We love you dear!

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