Brielle’s two months old

Brielle turned two months on March 12. It’s crazy that two months have already passed. We are all adjusting well to her presence in our family. She’s a precious baby that is loved by us all!

Isaiah talks about her a lot now; I’m sure he can’t really remember life without her anymore. When she’s having a nice long nap he walks by her bouncy chair or blankets and looks up at me and says “Brielle?! Brielle?!”

DSC_6620 DSC_6625Taking Brielle’s two month photos was quite an ordeal. Three separate times I was getting ready when she pooped through the outfit or was too tired and crying too hard to take them. This stage is short and before we know it she’ll be running around after her brother; a whole different challenge to photograph.

DSC_6616It’s so fun to see how much more alert and present Brielle is this month. Her little personality is coming out more and more. She seems to be pretty easy going but when she wants something (mostly milk) she sure knows how to express herself!

Brielle is sleeping well now and getting into a routine of two nice long naps every day and another short one in the evening (something her brother never seemed to figure out). Evenings are still her roughest time but usually Daddy stands and bounces her or lays her across his knees and rhythmically pats her back until she dozes off to sleep.

Now that she is two months old she has transitioned from a carrier to the double stroller for walks. Brielle gets tucked in all cozy in the stroller and usually goes right to sleep.

DSC_6606Isaiah loves to hold his little sister. He can be busy playing but will suddenly see me holding Brielle out of the corner of his eye. He rushes over and pulls at her and says “Brielle, hold” and sits right down with his arms out. I put Brielle in his arms and for about all of 10 seconds he holds her. He usually touches her nose or kisses her hand or cheeks. And then pushes her away and says “all done”. These are our best attempts at photos because really the moment is so short lived.

DSC_6626 DSC_6628Brielle, two months in to this “getting to know you” thing and I can’t imagine loving you more. You’re such a sweet part of our family. We are loving seeing you grow. You continue to steal my heart with little glimpses of your face. I see myself in your eyes and little expressions and it blows me away. God did a pretty incredible job when He created you! I love you!

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