Brielle’s smiles

DSC_6577When Brielle was around five weeks old I started to get little sneak previews of the smiles to come. Mostly they were just quick little smiles that made us wonder whether they were intentional, but we knew she was trying! On Valentines Day she got to come along on Mommy and Daddy’s little date and we were both sure we saw a small smile (and she was only 4.5 weeks then).


Grandma waiting patiently to see another smile

But as they always do, they slowly became more sure. Weeks 5-6 it seemed like Brielle would give one smile a day, to one lucky person. They melt my heart every time. Like falling in love again. The little smirk makes my heart skip a little beat. And then that’s it for the rest of the day. Now they are so much more frequent. Her best time is right when she wakes up in the morning. From her bed she makes all sorts of little coos and when we acknowledge her she gives a big smile. Amazing. They just get more amazing every day.

Here a few of the moments of Aunt Amanda and Daddy trying to get the rare smiles out of her.

DSC_6360DSC_6457Your beautiful smile lights up the room now; we pray that your joy continues to be that contagious!

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