Brielle’s two months old

Brielle turned two months on March 12. It’s crazy that two months have already passed. We are all adjusting well to her presence in our family. She’s a precious baby that is loved by us all!

Isaiah talks about her a lot now; I’m sure he can’t really remember life without her anymore. When she’s having a nice long nap he walks by her bouncy chair or blankets and looks up at me and says “Brielle?! Brielle?!”

DSC_6620 DSC_6625Taking Brielle’s two month photos was quite an ordeal. Three separate times I was getting ready when she pooped through the outfit or was too tired and crying too hard to take them. This stage is short and before we know it she’ll be running around after her brother; a whole different challenge to photograph.

DSC_6616It’s so fun to see how much more alert and present Brielle is this month. Her little personality is coming out more and more. She seems to be pretty easy going but when she wants something (mostly milk) she sure knows how to express herself!

Brielle is sleeping well now and getting into a routine of two nice long naps every day and another short one in the evening (something her brother never seemed to figure out). Evenings are still her roughest time but usually Daddy stands and bounces her or lays her across his knees and rhythmically pats her back until she dozes off to sleep.

Now that she is two months old she has transitioned from a carrier to the double stroller for walks. Brielle gets tucked in all cozy in the stroller and usually goes right to sleep.

DSC_6606Isaiah loves to hold his little sister. He can be busy playing but will suddenly see me holding Brielle out of the corner of his eye. He rushes over and pulls at her and says “Brielle, hold” and sits right down with his arms out. I put Brielle in his arms and for about all of 10 seconds he holds her. He usually touches her nose or kisses her hand or cheeks. And then pushes her away and says “all done”. These are our best attempts at photos because really the moment is so short lived.

DSC_6626 DSC_6628Brielle, two months in to this “getting to know you” thing and I can’t imagine loving you more. You’re such a sweet part of our family. We are loving seeing you grow. You continue to steal my heart with little glimpses of your face. I see myself in your eyes and little expressions and it blows me away. God did a pretty incredible job when He created you! I love you!

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Isaiah at 15 months

DSC_6369I haven’t been doing monthly posts anymore for Isaiah but there’s really so much to write. He changes every day and is constantly learning new things. Like how he LOVES outings and constantly asks for them. Or how he loves hockey, playing mini sticks, looking at hockey books, watching people playing hockey on the street. His whole world seems to revolve around two things: bye bye and hockey.

From when I pick him up out of the crib in the morning and say “good morning Isaiah”, he replies with one of two things “bye bye” or “hockey”. He loves to go out. He will find his coat and drag it into the room we are in, all the while saying “bye bye”. Now it’s elevated to “mittens, hat, boots. I want bye bye”. He stands at the gate at the stop of the stairs pining after the moment when he gets to go out. Sometimes he spends the afternoon walking around the house with his hat and mittens on, in case he is lucky enough to go outside. We have recently realized that his definition of bye bye is primarily going for a walk. Sometimes when we buckle him into the car seat his much less enthusiastic and will cry ‘bye bye’ as we are driving somewhere.

I do try to go for daily walks with both babies. More realistically it works out to every other. I bundle Brielle up in the sling against my body and cover us both in my big warm winter coat. Isaiah gets on his snowsuit with boots and hat and all the rest. It’s been such a cold winter that it’s required a lot of layers. Isaiah loves to sit in the stroller and let me push him around, but also loves to toddle up and down our sidewalk. He doesn’t make it very far but he sure has fun.

The rest of his world revolves around the hockey sticks. He asks for them constantly. I’ll be changing his diaper and suddenly he says “hockey”, “stick”, “pass”? He’ll usually add in somewhere ball, puck, goal, and Darrell. Darrell played a part in introducing Isaiah to hockey and Isaiah’s been pretty crazy about him since. Most of my sitting in the living room involves being handed a mini stick while Isaiah passes the ball back and forth to me. If I put the stick down even for a second, he comes charging over “stick, stick, stick”. Yes Isaiah. I just need to settle your sister for a second. He doesn’t seem to mind if he can’t find the mini sticks. He has done plenty of improvising. From a wooden spoon, to a water bottle, to a serving tray, to a barbeque spatula– most things will suffice for a stick. And if the balls have all rolled down the stairs or under the couch or are no longer accessible, he has used a potato, a wooden block, a round flat piece for his train set (which he refers to as a puck), a balloon, and many more objects. As his Uncle Darrell says “when you’re a die hard, anything will do”. It seems his whole world is hockey.


Barbeque spatula and rubber soccer ball— anything will do!

For our concerned American friends, yes he has two footballs as well. And we do start each day with the hockey sticks hidden, in an attempt to expose him to other things. He says “football” with much enthusiasm, and basketball as well. His blood runs orange and blue, don’t worry. Go Gators.

Trains. A few weeks ago Isaiah realized that he could hear and see trains from our apartment and watching them soon became a favorite activity. He would hear the sound as they approached and drop what he was doing to run to the window “rain, rain” he would say. Lucky for him, we heard that there are 30+ trains that run down these tracks each day. He also really enjoys looking at train books. One of them is now in pieces because it’s been looked at so many times. Often he will match the tone of the train as it approaches, humming along with it. He does this with the vacuum, the blender, and the espresso maker as well. He will hear the hum, and start humming back, making sure to find the right pitch. It’s rather crazy! Think maybe he got his musical ear from his Dad?

DSC_6240 DSC_6246The era of Isaiah being my little monkey seems to have ended. Towards the end of my pregnancy with Brielle my milk supply went down significantly and Isaiah became less and less interested in nursing; especially in the middle of the night. As desperate parents in the middle of the night, we began feeding him a banana. He would promptly eat the entire banana and then cuddle back into his blankie and go right back to sleep. Most night he would eat two whole bananas (sometimes three). Periodically we would try to limit his banana intake by feeding him only half a banana at a time, but in his sleepy state, eyes mostly closed, he would sit up and sign while saying “more, more”. With my milk supply back up, he’s much happier to nurse and has left his monkey ways behind. He is no longer interested in bananas if he wakes up. Thankfully he is also sleeping better through the night and the need for bananas is less. My little monkey has returned to his baby ways.

Isaiah’s vocabulary is extensive; every day he comes out with new words that blow us away. Sometimes he talks with me as if we are having a conversation. His favorite people to talk about (well maybe just plain his favorite PEOPLE), are Daddy, Darrell and Grandpa. He asks me probably 20 times a day “Daddy, where Daddy?” When I respond and tell him that Daddy is at work, he proceeds to say “I want Daddy”. And then move on to Darrell and Grandpa, asking the same things. In fact, one day last week I counted the number of times he said “Darrell” in one day… 106!

Isaiah’s love for reading books has not diminished as he’s gotten older. But now he is determined about knowing what books he wants to read. He certainly has his favorites and it seems that only mommy and daddy mind reading them over and over and over again. As soon as we reach the end of a favorite one he sits up and signs while saying “more”, “more”, “more”. A favorite book when he was just seven months old was “Moo, Baa, La” by Sandra Boyton. Now, Isaiah will fill in the blanks of all the animal sounds as we retell the story. ‘A cow says “moo”, a sheep says “baa”, three singing pigs say “la la la”‘ and so on.

Lastly, Isaiah loves to hold his sister. Last week, entirely on his own, he came over to me holding Brielle, pulled at her blanket and said “hold? hold?” I said “sure Isaiah, you want to hold Brielle?” And he immediately sat down and held his arms out. When I put Brielle in his lap he kisses her head and points out her nose (and sometimes eyes :|. And then a few seconds later says, “all done, all done” and pushes her back to me. He clearly loves his little sister.

Isaiah brings us incredible joy every day. He is a little boy that knows what he wants and is sure to communicate it. He also brings us new challenges as he asserts his wants and we work through teaching him when his wants are not what he needs. It’s a privilege to parent this little boy. We love you Isaiah!

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Brielle’s smiles

DSC_6577When Brielle was around five weeks old I started to get little sneak previews of the smiles to come. Mostly they were just quick little smiles that made us wonder whether they were intentional, but we knew she was trying! On Valentines Day she got to come along on Mommy and Daddy’s little date and we were both sure we saw a small smile (and she was only 4.5 weeks then).


Grandma waiting patiently to see another smile

But as they always do, they slowly became more sure. Weeks 5-6 it seemed like Brielle would give one smile a day, to one lucky person. They melt my heart every time. Like falling in love again. The little smirk makes my heart skip a little beat. And then that’s it for the rest of the day. Now they are so much more frequent. Her best time is right when she wakes up in the morning. From her bed she makes all sorts of little coos and when we acknowledge her she gives a big smile. Amazing. They just get more amazing every day.

Here a few of the moments of Aunt Amanda and Daddy trying to get the rare smiles out of her.

DSC_6360DSC_6457Your beautiful smile lights up the room now; we pray that your joy continues to be that contagious!

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Brielle- One Month old

DSC_6424Brielle was one month old on February 12. We took photos that day but haven’t managed to get them up yet.

It’s been a great first month, Brielle. Mommy loves your sweet newborn snuggles and hardly wants you to grow up; yet at that same time is proud of how well you are doing.

DSC_6402 DSC_6414Your big brother Isaiah loves to give you kisses on your head. He runs to tell us if you are crying, to make sure we have noticed!

Life is busy here with the two of you, but we are adjusting. We are so thrilled to have you as part of our little family.

You are growing well and we are beginning to see glimpses of your personality and  what you will really look like. We are so in love with you and look forward to the days, weeks, months and years ahead– of getting to know you more!

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