Isaiah’s birthday weekend

Isaiah’s birthday weekend was full of celebrations. On Saturday he had a party with a bunch of his “little friends” and then on Sunday we had family over. We decided to break it up so we could fit in the apartment and so that he wouldn’t be too overwhelmed. We went with a Little Blue Truck theme since that is his absolute favourite book right now. It’s full of animal sounds and a truck– what more could he want?! DSC_5296Photo wall of Isaiah’s monthly photos- birth to twelve months. So fun to see how he grew and changed over his first year!


A friend helped me to make a Little Blue Truck out of cardboard as a little photo booth. Isaiah loved it!!! Grandma caught wind of took it upon herself to find the animal balloons to stick out the top, like the animal out the top of the truck in the book. She came over to drop them off before the party; Isaiah was thrilled with the balloons!

DSC_5265We bought a kiddie pool and filled it with small balls as balls of any kind are Isaiah’s favourite right now! He seemed to have a great time playing in it; by himself before anyone arrived and also with the kids once the party started.

DSC_5280DSC_5270His cupcake was the first thing he’d tasted that was anything like this. He doesn’t eat gluten, dairy or sugar yet so this was a whole new experience. I made beet chocolate cupcakes with a bit of honey (gluten free). I thought they were delicious! And he definitely loved it. After his first bite his response was “mmmmm”. He went on the devour the whole thing.

DSC_5306DSC_5310All of his friends have heard about his love for books so that was the common theme amongst the gifts. Isaiah was so happy to even look through the books as he opened them (although he was much too distracted to hear the story).

DSC_5327 DSC_5284 Katie was concentrating on her driving when she was in the truck.

DSC_5332All in all it was a great party! Thanks to all our friends for coming to hang out!!


Sunday was equally as much fun; the adults were also great playmates.

DSC_5349DSC_5386Isaiah was asleep when people arrived so we had a bit of time to squeeze in a game of Seven Wonders.

DSC_5346When he woke up he was ready for the party to begin.

DSC_5393Isaiah talked to relatives from afar on facetime as he opened their presents. Here he is chatting with Annika about the train she and Ezekiel gave him.

DSC_5398He also got to Facetime with Nana and Aunt Kristin as he opened their birthday gifts. The guitar and the Thomas train were both a big hit!

Daddy read Little Blue Truck to everyone since it was a Little Blue Truck party.

DSC_5318Snack time with Aunt Amanda.

DSC_5348Spoiled with gifts!


DSC_5416DSC_5421DSC_5404 DSC_5410 What a fun weekend celebrating YOU… our little one year old! You are full of so much joy, we can’t wait to see what the next year will hold.


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