Birthday morning breakfast

Isaiah’s birthday this year fell on a Wednesday. Wednesday’s are Isaiah and my days alone. Jon leaves early in the morning and gets home long after Isaiah is in bed (combination of work and volunteering with the boys program at church). We were sad not to get any time all together as a family on his birthday. So my mom had the great idea to cancel one hour with Jon’s first family, stay home a bit longer, and have a special birthday breakfast with my parents. We had a great little morning celebrating our little man!

DSC_5187The breakfast menu included Isaiah’s favourite fruits… watermelon, oranges and grapes. He also devoured scrambled eggs, made with coconut milk instead. He didn’t mind! He loved them! DSC_5192On Isaiah’s birthday morning he woke up with this cheezy smile. Who told him this was a funny one year old trick? Every time we got the camera out these were the pictures we were getting. It sure did provide us with some good laughs. It took a bit more creativity to get a few photos with his eyes open.DSC_5194DSC_5196Jon and I got to give him our gift first thing on his birthday. He was so excited to open it and quite interested in playing with it, considering how distractable he is at this age.


Little People Circus


Bob the Builder duplo set



Showing Grandpa some favourite toys


Nothing quite like having four adults playing circus along with you

The morning ended quickly when everyone needed to get going to work and Mommy and Isaiah had an appointment. But it was a fun morning spent celebrating our little man.


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