Spontaneous road trip– Philadelphia anyone?

One Tuesday afternoon, the first week of October, my friend Laura came online and said “hey did you hear that our Rwandan friends are visiting Phily this weekend?” “WHAT?!?!?!” Was my response. Having not seen these dear friends for more than two years, Philadelphia felts so close compared to the normal distance to Rwanda. I immediately started scheming how we could go and see them. The drive is 8 hours on according to google maps. Factor in a number of stops for a baby… oh and the minor detail that my passport was expired. But I barely mentioned to Jon that Hassan and Isabelle would both be in Philadelphia that weekend and he said “lets go!” So we ran around like crazy for 48 hours and by Friday morning were in the car, heading south.

We had an amazing weekend building memories with these beautiful people. We got to spend Saturday with Hassan, catching up on the past years of each of our lives. The hours would never be enough but it was amazing to be together and to introduce him to Isaiah. Joan— Gabby, Ariella, Joella and Josiah– you were all missed! Can’t wait until we are ALL together again!



Sunday morning started with a lovely coffee date with Isabelle. It’s amazing to catch up with friends when you feel like you could talk forever because you just have so much in common right now… even when you live so many thousands of miles apart. What rich moments.

DSC_4743 DSC_4736


From there we all went to meet up with our dear friends, Laura, Robert and Eden. I finally got to meet Eden! Thanks to the world of blogs I did already feel like I knew her but of course it’s so not the same. Again how can the hours of one day be long enough to catch up on years of time apart!


DSC_4801 DSC_4771 DSC_4754



All in all we were pretty crazy to drive all the way down there for such a short time. But it was SO worth it. We are completely thankful for the people we could reconnect with, the moments spent on these beautiful people. See you all in Rwanda next time?!

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