Fall Cooking Extravaganza

One weekend this fall I had a very domesticated weekend. I locked myself inside at my parents place (bigger kitchen) and cooked for the freezer. photo 1 photo 2I blanched 10 lbs of beets, 10 lbs of carrots and then made a bushel of applesauce with Dad. Most of this food was for Isaiah. He eats and eats and eats and trying to cook enough fresh vegetables for him for every lunch and dinner can be quite the feat. I realized that I didn’t need to just work harder, I needed to be smarter about it. How could I stay a step ahead of him? Having all this food in the freezer has helped tremendously!! He goes through phases, for a while he loves the beets, then he decided only if they are mixed with other food. He likes the carrots most of the time.

photo 2

photo 3And the applesauce? A lot of nights it’s dessert. But lately it’s been used to help encourage eating of the foods that aren’t his favourite, like mashed broccoli and cauliflower last week.photo(2) Overall the cooking extravaganza was a great success! Thanks to the parents for the freezer space! I guess we need to eat a bunch of this before I start dreaming about what to make and freeze next.

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