Isaiah’s eleven months

DSC_4957It was over a week ago now that Isaiah turned eleven months. It’s no surprise that it took this long to get the photos posted; keeping up with Isaiah is busy! He is always on the move– especially when there are stairs in sight. He loves to quickly “escape” up the stairs when he thinks no one is watching. The tell tale sign that he’s going up the stairs is his little giggle as he sneaks away.

Isaiah’s new things this month:

1- animal sounds. The last week of Isaiah being ten months he started to make some animal sounds. One day it was “mmmm” when asked what the cow said, the next “ba, ba, ba” for the sheep. These were followed quickly by a lion growl, a bit like a gentle lion, and a “ssss” for snake. We’ve been teaching him more but those are the only ones that have stuck so far.

2- standing. Isaiah hasn’t taken any steps yet and really isn’t overly interested in walking, but sometimes if he doesn’t realize you’re not holding him anymore, or if he needs both hands to play with a toy, he will let go of what he was holding on to and stand alone for three or four seconds at a time.

3- Daddy time. Daddy is Isaiah’s world right now. His clearest words he’s spoken are “Hi Daddy” when Jon gets home from work. He watches from the top of the stairs as Jon leaves for work and though he waves goodbye, it’s usually with a few whimpers.

DSC_5048He’s pretty fond of his Mommy too.

DSC_49694- Waving- Isaiah consistently waves hello and goodbye when people arrive or leave. At first he would only wave after people left but now he is unashamed of his new skill and waves to almost anyone.

5- Songs. Our favourite songs right now are “If you’re happy and you know it” and “My God Is So Big”. Each time these are sung Isaiah is quick to do the actions. Sometimes he’ll be crying in his carseat, ready to be home, but if we start singing “Happy and you know it” he’ll stop crying and clap to the song, even when he’s not feeling happy.


“My God is So Big”


“If You’re Happy and You Know It”

One of Isaiah’s favourite toys right now is this drum; well the drum sticks specifically. He loves to pass them to us, let us play a rhythm, and then play again himself.

DSC_4989DSC_4990   DSC_4991

We love you Isaiah! Can’t believe this is your last month before your first birthday!

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