Spontaneous road trip– Philadelphia anyone?

One Tuesday afternoon, the first week of October, my friend Laura came online and said “hey did you hear that our Rwandan friends are visiting Phily this weekend?” “WHAT?!?!?!” Was my response. Having not seen these dear friends for more than two years, Philadelphia felts so close compared to the normal distance to Rwanda. I immediately started scheming how we could go and see them. The drive is 8 hours on according to google maps. Factor in a number of stops for a baby… oh and the minor detail that my passport was expired. But I barely mentioned to Jon that Hassan and Isabelle would both be in Philadelphia that weekend and he said “lets go!” So we ran around like crazy for 48 hours and by Friday morning were in the car, heading south.

We had an amazing weekend building memories with these beautiful people. We got to spend Saturday with Hassan, catching up on the past years of each of our lives. The hours would never be enough but it was amazing to be together and to introduce him to Isaiah. Joan— Gabby, Ariella, Joella and Josiah– you were all missed! Can’t wait until we are ALL together again!



Sunday morning started with a lovely coffee date with Isabelle. It’s amazing to catch up with friends when you feel like you could talk forever because you just have so much in common right now… even when you live so many thousands of miles apart. What rich moments.

DSC_4743 DSC_4736


From there we all went to meet up with our dear friends, Laura, Robert and Eden. I finally got to meet Eden! Thanks to the world of blogs I did already feel like I knew her but of course it’s so not the same. Again how can the hours of one day be long enough to catch up on years of time apart!


DSC_4801 DSC_4771 DSC_4754



All in all we were pretty crazy to drive all the way down there for such a short time. But it was SO worth it. We are completely thankful for the people we could reconnect with, the moments spent on these beautiful people. See you all in Rwanda next time?!

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Fall Cooking Extravaganza

One weekend this fall I had a very domesticated weekend. I locked myself inside at my parents place (bigger kitchen) and cooked for the freezer. photo 1 photo 2I blanched 10 lbs of beets, 10 lbs of carrots and then made a bushel of applesauce with Dad. Most of this food was for Isaiah. He eats and eats and eats and trying to cook enough fresh vegetables for him for every lunch and dinner can be quite the feat. I realized that I didn’t need to just work harder, I needed to be smarter about it. How could I stay a step ahead of him? Having all this food in the freezer has helped tremendously!! He goes through phases, for a while he loves the beets, then he decided only if they are mixed with other food. He likes the carrots most of the time.

photo 2

photo 3And the applesauce? A lot of nights it’s dessert. But lately it’s been used to help encourage eating of the foods that aren’t his favourite, like mashed broccoli and cauliflower last week.photo(2) Overall the cooking extravaganza was a great success! Thanks to the parents for the freezer space! I guess we need to eat a bunch of this before I start dreaming about what to make and freeze next.

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32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks pregnant and we finally got around to a photo shoot. What a journey to again be carrying a baby inside of me. This baby is so active lately; in the evenings when I finally sit down and put my feet up I feel so much movement. I told Jon recently that the baby seemed to be trying to escape out the side exit because it was pushing so hard at the side of my abdomen. I first felt the baby move around 17 weeks again, just like with Isaiah. And Jon felt the baby at 21 weeks- also, just like Isaiah.DSC_5072I’ve really been feeling so well considering all things. I’m tired a lot, which I guess is to be expected. But otherwise this pregnancy seems to be treating me well. In many ways it’s going so fast because I’m distracted with Isaiah and chasing another little one. Of course there are still days when it feels like the eight weeks ahead are forever! DSC_5085It’s amazing to me how pregnancy is 40 weeks of anticipation to met this baby growing inside of you. As I write this I feel this sweet baby hiccuping. It’s so crazy to feel that inside and then see them with hiccups when they are born as well…. and remember nights like these.

DSC_5068New little baby growing inside– we can’t wait to meet you! (well we can… stay inside where you are growing well for at least another six weeks please). I can’t wait to find out whether you are a boy or a girl, to see what things make you content, what moments make you smile, what experiences bring you joy. Growing you inside of me for 40 weeks is a privilege and getting to parent you on the outside will be as well. We pray for you every day! That God will continue to watch over you as you grow and also for the person that you will become. We love you to pieces! And can’t wait for you to join our little family.

Isaiah’s eleven months

DSC_4957It was over a week ago now that Isaiah turned eleven months. It’s no surprise that it took this long to get the photos posted; keeping up with Isaiah is busy! He is always on the move– especially when there are stairs in sight. He loves to quickly “escape” up the stairs when he thinks no one is watching. The tell tale sign that he’s going up the stairs is his little giggle as he sneaks away.

Isaiah’s new things this month:

1- animal sounds. The last week of Isaiah being ten months he started to make some animal sounds. One day it was “mmmm” when asked what the cow said, the next “ba, ba, ba” for the sheep. These were followed quickly by a lion growl, a bit like a gentle lion, and a “ssss” for snake. We’ve been teaching him more but those are the only ones that have stuck so far.

2- standing. Isaiah hasn’t taken any steps yet and really isn’t overly interested in walking, but sometimes if he doesn’t realize you’re not holding him anymore, or if he needs both hands to play with a toy, he will let go of what he was holding on to and stand alone for three or four seconds at a time.

3- Daddy time. Daddy is Isaiah’s world right now. His clearest words he’s spoken are “Hi Daddy” when Jon gets home from work. He watches from the top of the stairs as Jon leaves for work and though he waves goodbye, it’s usually with a few whimpers.

DSC_5048He’s pretty fond of his Mommy too.

DSC_49694- Waving- Isaiah consistently waves hello and goodbye when people arrive or leave. At first he would only wave after people left but now he is unashamed of his new skill and waves to almost anyone.

5- Songs. Our favourite songs right now are “If you’re happy and you know it” and “My God Is So Big”. Each time these are sung Isaiah is quick to do the actions. Sometimes he’ll be crying in his carseat, ready to be home, but if we start singing “Happy and you know it” he’ll stop crying and clap to the song, even when he’s not feeling happy.


“My God is So Big”


“If You’re Happy and You Know It”

One of Isaiah’s favourite toys right now is this drum; well the drum sticks specifically. He loves to pass them to us, let us play a rhythm, and then play again himself.

DSC_4989DSC_4990   DSC_4991

We love you Isaiah! Can’t believe this is your last month before your first birthday!

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