Spending time with Aunt Amanda

When we got home from Minneapolis we had a lot of lost time to make up with Aunt Amanda. The result? She visited us, lots. It was great! We also got to go on a few different adventures with her. So fun to have her living so close and doing life with us!!

Our first adventure was to a horse show. She brought us into her world for a little bit and introduced us to some Grand Prix horses. Isaiah looked hesitant at first but loved the horse as he got used to it.

DSC_4270DSC_4257 DSC_4259DSC_4279Our second big adventure was going to watch her do her first Try-a-Tri. It was so exciting to cheer for her from the sidelines as she swam, biked and then ran and crossed that finish line! Go Aunt Amanda Go!

DSC_4471DSC_4479DSC_4491DSC_4517Wishing I had more photos of Aunt Amanda and Isaiah together. She has a little game she plays with him where she blows in his face. He blinks quickly, then makes a scrunchy face and then has the biggest grin, as he signs “more, more”.

Lately they’ve been doing this thing where they growl back and forth at each other. I don’t ask questions. I just called it a nephew-aunt thing.

We love you Amanda!

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