The Trek Home

The trip home from Minneapolis couldn’t possibly be as eventful as the trip there, right? Wrong. Well it was a close competition. Actually we had a great time the first couple days. We had made plans to spend a day in Chicago seeing the city. Isaiah went along with the plan so well and we had a great time!! We saw so many things and definitely packed that day full. It was a very memorable trip to Chicago, even though it was just a day.


Daddy showing Isaiah the city through the bean



We took a few moments to sit and listen to a symphony practice in the Bandshell at Millennium park. Such beautiful, full sounding music



Taking in the city from Navy Pier

Somewhere in the middle of the day, after seeing all the above things and watching a random proposal on Navy Pier, Jon had the idea that maybe we should see how far we were from Wrigley Field. With much excitement he asked a few people and found out that with just a bit of public transit, we could make our way there. Jon’s excitement only grew as we arrived and saw this field, up close and real. He had to explain to me why it was such a big deal; that it’s one of the oldest fields, that many legends of baseball have played here, and that they seem to have a “curse” and can’t have a winning season for anything (if that’s really something I wonder if the Maple Leafs got in on the same “curse”). I wonder how I’m doing recounting my lesson on the significance of Wrigley Field.

Anyways, we arrived around three pm and we noticed people were setting out stands to sell souveniors, peanuts, entertainment for a game. We soon realized that there was a game tonight. I asked Jon if he wanted to get tickets. He was thrilled. Actually I think his response was, “am I allowed?” We did indeed stay for the game… well until the fifth inning when we decided we should begin the trek back to the downtown area to our car and then back to our hotel. It was all in all great fun!



In between buying tickets and the heading to the game, we looked online and found a place “nearby” that sold deep dish Chicago pizza AND gluten free pizza. After walking 4kms we found it! We all thoroughly enjoyed that dinner.



“Wrigley rooftops” in the background. The stands are so low that actually the high rise buildings behind the field that are actually across the street, build bleachers and sell tickets of their own.


Excited much?


Let the game begin!



When we got back to the city we spent a few minutes taking in the city by night. Beautiful.

The next day we left the hotel early, with plans to make it as far into Michigan as possible. We did have plans to stop at the Indiana Dunes as our first break, to enjoy Lake Michigan and the beautiful beach. And beautiful it was! We ended up staying and having a picnic lunch there because we just couldn’t leave.


My eight month old baby on the outside, eighteen-week baby on the inside. So blessed. So much joy.

DSC_4208DSC_4215DSC_4221DSC_4224DSC_4243DSC_4247Here’s where the drive turned sour. We got back in the car ready to drive far and made it only a couple hours before we started having car trouble. Pulling over on the interstate because you’re not sure you’ll make it to the next exit is never comforting. Turned out we had lost all but one lug nuts on one of our tires; and the one that was there was barely holding on. Actually the friction had even seared off the bolts to hold the other nuts in place. We ended up waiting on the side of the interstate, trying to entertain Isaiah while we waited for the tow truck. God was in it though; simple provisions in the midst of a crummy situation. A nice guy stopped to offer his help and gave Isaiah and I a ride to the dealership while Jon went in the tow truck. The hotel right next to the dealership had rooms and a pool for Isaiah and I to hang out in for a bit while Jon was dealing with all the car stuff; and they even gave us a discounted rate! And the dealership worked quickly on the car and we were able to be back on the road the next morning.  So, adventurous road trip but all things considered, really we saw God’s hand in a lot of it, most of all in keeping us safe in a situation that could have been so much worse!

The trip overall was such a gift. Great family time for our little family, amazing times to spend with friends that live way-too-far-away from us, and memories made that will last forever.

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