Road Trip to Minneapolis

The road trip to Minneapolis was eventful, to say the least. We had planned to leave early on Thursday morning but knew this probably wouldn’t happen when Isaiah had his first fever on Tuesday, continuing on to Wednesday. We kept saying we’d go when his fever broke. When we woke up Thursday morning and it still hadn’t, I took him to see a Dr. I decided to get a prescription for antibiotics if it was an ear infection, and take it with us, to start later if the fever persisted. The Dr was quite confident it was an ear infection but said that if I felt more comfortable I could wait and see if it broke by Friday, as viral ear infections can often last three days.

Thursday afternoon we set off on the road trip, figuring since Isaiah wasn’t feeling well he’d sleep quite a bit and we could cover some ground. Well obviously the pain of the ear infection was pretty intense; it was hard to keep him content in his car seat. We would drive for 45 minutes while he napped and then stop when he woke up SCREAMING! We made it to Lansing, MI and called it a night. The next morning he still had a fever and we decided to start the antibiotics. Shortly after this we headed out and covered about an hour and a half of driving while he napped. When he woke up this time he was beside himself. We ended up spending an hour and a half in a random McDonalds parking lot just trying to distract him and keep him content until he could have his next dose of Motrin and antibiotics. We figured then he’d sleep and we could drive a bit further. Just minutes after giving the next dose of antibiotics I said to Jon, “what are the red spots on his face?” Immediately Jon realized that Isaiah was having a reaction to the penicillin and these were hives! We made our way to the nearest pharmacy where we got Benadryl and tried to reach the nearest hotel. We decided to check into a hotel and try the whole driving thing again the next day.


Oh the hives. Harder to see in the photo lighting but they were all over his face specifically 😦 Poor kid.

It was a long evening and night with a fussy and itchy baby who was obviously not feeling well. The good news was his fever broke and he obviously was getting past the ear infection. So now we just needed the penicillin through his system and we’d have our happy baby back. He had a few more doses of Benadryl that day and slept well while we drove. We made it all the way to Minneapolis that night. I was one happy Mommy when I got to see his smiles and giggles again. Having a sick baby is so not fun. We made it to the other side of his first illness. And we were now in Minneapolis ready to spend time with Jon, Sara and Selah.

DSC_4074Let the fun begin! Our week in Minneapolis was full of adventures. Our time included hanging out at the house playing games while letting the babies crawl around the yard, baby bath time together, touring the city of Minneapolis and a Vikings Football game (my first football game ever).


King of Tokyo game… played again and again and again.



Camel burger anyone?


View of the city from the “yellow room” in Guthrie Theater


Happy babies entertaining each other


Bath time together

Then one brave night we took our babies out to the Viking’s Game. Selah wasn’t such a fan of the cheering. From the first play she freaked out. Her mommy ended up hanging out with her in the concourse for the first half but Selah did a great job in the second half; hung out for a bit and then took a nap. Isaiah decided the football game was a good time to take a nap as well, slept for a bit, and then was happy to watch the rest of the game!  4312


Cheesecake factory together for our last night. DELICIOUS!! My favourite.

The trip home was another adventure in itself. We’ll save that for the next post. Minneapolis was a great city to visit! We definitely enjoyed our time seeing the city and of course our time with Jon, Sara and Selah. Already looking forward to our next visit with you guys. We love you!

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