Good friends in Minneapolis

This summer we had the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis to visit some good friends of ours, Jon and Sara Hamilton. They were home from China on furlough to have their first baby, Selah, and we knew we needed to make a way to spend some time with them and introduce our little ones. We made the trek out to Minneapolis (more on the road trip later) and got to spend eight precious days with them. The first four were spent camping on the North Shore, enjoying the beautiful Lake Superior. We enjoyed the beautiful sites, played games, conquered the hiking trails and spent countless hours catching up. The whole trip was such a gift.


Babies happy to be out of their carseats and playing together instead


Delicious breakfast at the campsite

DSC_3971The first day that we were there we decided to conquer the hike in the park. We read somewhere that the hike was wheelchair accessible so we decided to bring the strollers (we only had one carrier with us on the camping trip). As we began the descent up the path people gave us questioning looks and continually said “you are aware there are 170 steps ahead right?!” But we continued. When we finally reached the steps Jon picked up the stroller and carried Isaiah down the 170 steps. The waterfall was beautiful and so worth the hike!

DSC_3835DSC_3820DSC_3813DSC_3810DSC_3818IMG_0786Above the falls we got to enjoy a picnic and sit by the beautiful still water.


Nursing mamas feeding their babies.

IMG_0822DSC_3839Beautiful hike! Beautiful day!

We went back to the site for bathtime for the babies and to relax by the campfire.

DSC_3963IMG_0939DSC_3901The next day we enjoyed the sites at Lake Superior.

DSC_3857DSC_3995DSC_3914DSC_3931DSC_3939DSC_3933DSC_3903DSC_3910IMG_0865IMG_0841DSC_3994Eventually we had to pack up and head back to Minneapolis.

DSC_3974DSC_3951DSC_3959Overall it was such a great camping trip, full of games, hanging out with our little babies, and catching up on the year of missed moments. We were so thankful that the trip wasn’t over yet and though we weren’t camping any more, we would get to spend some time together in the city. Another blog post to follow with pictures and stories from that time together.

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