Isaiah’s Ten Months

DSC_4823 Ten months old. Another month has passed. Isaiah grows so quickly and changes every day. This month he became faster and more mobile; he is constantly on the move!!

DSC_4841DSC_4846New things this month:

1- signing. Since Isaiah was six months we have been doing some simple signs to him. “More”, “all done” and “nurse” were the first three we started with. He seemed to start signing to nurse before he was eight months, but it was inconsistent. Over the past month he definitely signs his own versions of “more” and “all done”… all the time. Even if he hears us using those words in a conversation from across the room, he will bring his hands together and sign it. His sign for “more” is clapping his hands together twice, but it’s clear that he is trying to copy us. Seeing him communicate has been such a joy. It’s also encouraged us to add more signs like please and thank you.

2- teeth. Over the course of five weeks, four teeth broke through. It was a painful five weeks for Isaiah and resulted in some long nights for all. But now he has them and his adorable tooth-y smiles are the proof! He’s enjoying being able to use those teeth as well.

DSC_48353- eating. Isaiah loves to eat! When he was nine months we realized that he wasn’t gaining as much weight as he should be (because of to a low milk supply due to pregnancy). So we started implementing meal times that are much more intentional, always having a protein and a few vegetables. Isaiah is thrilled to be able to eat more and happily eats an egg, lentils, beans, chicken, fish or beef with each meal. His favorite vegetables are anything orange. Squash, sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin; you name it. If it’s orange he’ll love it! He’s also been eating a lot of beets and potatoes. He’s not such a fan of the green vegetables right now but will eat them if they are with the other vegetables he likes. He loves to feed himself off of his tray and for the most part eats his meals this way. Thankfully bath time comes every night right after dinner because most often it is in high need.

4- sleep. We have made much progress in the area of sleep this month. Isaiah has learned to sleep in his crib and sleep through the night. Most nights now he is in his bed from 7-7. He tends to wake up one time for a cuddle and nursing with Mommy but overall he does really well. What an accomplishment for all!

5. catch. Isaiah loves to throw a ball! He seems so young to be able to throw a ball well but he taught himself from a young age with a ball that played a football fight song if he threw it hard enough. He will now play “catch” with you; although he’s definitely better at throwing than he is at catching.

There is so much more we could say. Isaiah becomes more interactive every day. We love you to pieces buddy; for who you are today and for who you are becoming!

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