Spending time with Aunt Amanda

When we got home from Minneapolis we had a lot of lost time to make up with Aunt Amanda. The result? She visited us, lots. It was great! We also got to go on a few different adventures with her. So fun to have her living so close and doing life with us!!

Our first adventure was to a horse show. She brought us into her world for a little bit and introduced us to some Grand Prix horses. Isaiah looked hesitant at first but loved the horse as he got used to it.

DSC_4270DSC_4257 DSC_4259DSC_4279Our second big adventure was going to watch her do her first Try-a-Tri. It was so exciting to cheer for her from the sidelines as she swam, biked and then ran and crossed that finish line! Go Aunt Amanda Go!

DSC_4471DSC_4479DSC_4491DSC_4517Wishing I had more photos of Aunt Amanda and Isaiah together. She has a little game she plays with him where she blows in his face. He blinks quickly, then makes a scrunchy face and then has the biggest grin, as he signs “more, more”.

Lately they’ve been doing this thing where they growl back and forth at each other. I don’t ask questions. I just called it a nephew-aunt thing.

We love you Amanda!

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The Trek Home

The trip home from Minneapolis couldn’t possibly be as eventful as the trip there, right? Wrong. Well it was a close competition. Actually we had a great time the first couple days. We had made plans to spend a day in Chicago seeing the city. Isaiah went along with the plan so well and we had a great time!! We saw so many things and definitely packed that day full. It was a very memorable trip to Chicago, even though it was just a day.


Daddy showing Isaiah the city through the bean



We took a few moments to sit and listen to a symphony practice in the Bandshell at Millennium park. Such beautiful, full sounding music



Taking in the city from Navy Pier

Somewhere in the middle of the day, after seeing all the above things and watching a random proposal on Navy Pier, Jon had the idea that maybe we should see how far we were from Wrigley Field. With much excitement he asked a few people and found out that with just a bit of public transit, we could make our way there. Jon’s excitement only grew as we arrived and saw this field, up close and real. He had to explain to me why it was such a big deal; that it’s one of the oldest fields, that many legends of baseball have played here, and that they seem to have a “curse” and can’t have a winning season for anything (if that’s really something I wonder if the Maple Leafs got in on the same “curse”). I wonder how I’m doing recounting my lesson on the significance of Wrigley Field.

Anyways, we arrived around three pm and we noticed people were setting out stands to sell souveniors, peanuts, entertainment for a game. We soon realized that there was a game tonight. I asked Jon if he wanted to get tickets. He was thrilled. Actually I think his response was, “am I allowed?” We did indeed stay for the game… well until the fifth inning when we decided we should begin the trek back to the downtown area to our car and then back to our hotel. It was all in all great fun!



In between buying tickets and the heading to the game, we looked online and found a place “nearby” that sold deep dish Chicago pizza AND gluten free pizza. After walking 4kms we found it! We all thoroughly enjoyed that dinner.



“Wrigley rooftops” in the background. The stands are so low that actually the high rise buildings behind the field that are actually across the street, build bleachers and sell tickets of their own.


Excited much?


Let the game begin!



When we got back to the city we spent a few minutes taking in the city by night. Beautiful.

The next day we left the hotel early, with plans to make it as far into Michigan as possible. We did have plans to stop at the Indiana Dunes as our first break, to enjoy Lake Michigan and the beautiful beach. And beautiful it was! We ended up staying and having a picnic lunch there because we just couldn’t leave.


My eight month old baby on the outside, eighteen-week baby on the inside. So blessed. So much joy.

DSC_4208DSC_4215DSC_4221DSC_4224DSC_4243DSC_4247Here’s where the drive turned sour. We got back in the car ready to drive far and made it only a couple hours before we started having car trouble. Pulling over on the interstate because you’re not sure you’ll make it to the next exit is never comforting. Turned out we had lost all but one lug nuts on one of our tires; and the one that was there was barely holding on. Actually the friction had even seared off the bolts to hold the other nuts in place. We ended up waiting on the side of the interstate, trying to entertain Isaiah while we waited for the tow truck. God was in it though; simple provisions in the midst of a crummy situation. A nice guy stopped to offer his help and gave Isaiah and I a ride to the dealership while Jon went in the tow truck. The hotel right next to the dealership had rooms and a pool for Isaiah and I to hang out in for a bit while Jon was dealing with all the car stuff; and they even gave us a discounted rate! And the dealership worked quickly on the car and we were able to be back on the road the next morning.  So, adventurous road trip but all things considered, really we saw God’s hand in a lot of it, most of all in keeping us safe in a situation that could have been so much worse!

The trip overall was such a gift. Great family time for our little family, amazing times to spend with friends that live way-too-far-away from us, and memories made that will last forever.

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Road Trip to Minneapolis

The road trip to Minneapolis was eventful, to say the least. We had planned to leave early on Thursday morning but knew this probably wouldn’t happen when Isaiah had his first fever on Tuesday, continuing on to Wednesday. We kept saying we’d go when his fever broke. When we woke up Thursday morning and it still hadn’t, I took him to see a Dr. I decided to get a prescription for antibiotics if it was an ear infection, and take it with us, to start later if the fever persisted. The Dr was quite confident it was an ear infection but said that if I felt more comfortable I could wait and see if it broke by Friday, as viral ear infections can often last three days.

Thursday afternoon we set off on the road trip, figuring since Isaiah wasn’t feeling well he’d sleep quite a bit and we could cover some ground. Well obviously the pain of the ear infection was pretty intense; it was hard to keep him content in his car seat. We would drive for 45 minutes while he napped and then stop when he woke up SCREAMING! We made it to Lansing, MI and called it a night. The next morning he still had a fever and we decided to start the antibiotics. Shortly after this we headed out and covered about an hour and a half of driving while he napped. When he woke up this time he was beside himself. We ended up spending an hour and a half in a random McDonalds parking lot just trying to distract him and keep him content until he could have his next dose of Motrin and antibiotics. We figured then he’d sleep and we could drive a bit further. Just minutes after giving the next dose of antibiotics I said to Jon, “what are the red spots on his face?” Immediately Jon realized that Isaiah was having a reaction to the penicillin and these were hives! We made our way to the nearest pharmacy where we got Benadryl and tried to reach the nearest hotel. We decided to check into a hotel and try the whole driving thing again the next day.


Oh the hives. Harder to see in the photo lighting but they were all over his face specifically 😦 Poor kid.

It was a long evening and night with a fussy and itchy baby who was obviously not feeling well. The good news was his fever broke and he obviously was getting past the ear infection. So now we just needed the penicillin through his system and we’d have our happy baby back. He had a few more doses of Benadryl that day and slept well while we drove. We made it all the way to Minneapolis that night. I was one happy Mommy when I got to see his smiles and giggles again. Having a sick baby is so not fun. We made it to the other side of his first illness. And we were now in Minneapolis ready to spend time with Jon, Sara and Selah.

DSC_4074Let the fun begin! Our week in Minneapolis was full of adventures. Our time included hanging out at the house playing games while letting the babies crawl around the yard, baby bath time together, touring the city of Minneapolis and a Vikings Football game (my first football game ever).


King of Tokyo game… played again and again and again.



Camel burger anyone?


View of the city from the “yellow room” in Guthrie Theater


Happy babies entertaining each other


Bath time together

Then one brave night we took our babies out to the Viking’s Game. Selah wasn’t such a fan of the cheering. From the first play she freaked out. Her mommy ended up hanging out with her in the concourse for the first half but Selah did a great job in the second half; hung out for a bit and then took a nap. Isaiah decided the football game was a good time to take a nap as well, slept for a bit, and then was happy to watch the rest of the game!  4312


Cheesecake factory together for our last night. DELICIOUS!! My favourite.

The trip home was another adventure in itself. We’ll save that for the next post. Minneapolis was a great city to visit! We definitely enjoyed our time seeing the city and of course our time with Jon, Sara and Selah. Already looking forward to our next visit with you guys. We love you!

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Good friends in Minneapolis

This summer we had the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis to visit some good friends of ours, Jon and Sara Hamilton. They were home from China on furlough to have their first baby, Selah, and we knew we needed to make a way to spend some time with them and introduce our little ones. We made the trek out to Minneapolis (more on the road trip later) and got to spend eight precious days with them. The first four were spent camping on the North Shore, enjoying the beautiful Lake Superior. We enjoyed the beautiful sites, played games, conquered the hiking trails and spent countless hours catching up. The whole trip was such a gift.


Babies happy to be out of their carseats and playing together instead


Delicious breakfast at the campsite

DSC_3971The first day that we were there we decided to conquer the hike in the park. We read somewhere that the hike was wheelchair accessible so we decided to bring the strollers (we only had one carrier with us on the camping trip). As we began the descent up the path people gave us questioning looks and continually said “you are aware there are 170 steps ahead right?!” But we continued. When we finally reached the steps Jon picked up the stroller and carried Isaiah down the 170 steps. The waterfall was beautiful and so worth the hike!

DSC_3835DSC_3820DSC_3813DSC_3810DSC_3818IMG_0786Above the falls we got to enjoy a picnic and sit by the beautiful still water.


Nursing mamas feeding their babies.

IMG_0822DSC_3839Beautiful hike! Beautiful day!

We went back to the site for bathtime for the babies and to relax by the campfire.

DSC_3963IMG_0939DSC_3901The next day we enjoyed the sites at Lake Superior.

DSC_3857DSC_3995DSC_3914DSC_3931DSC_3939DSC_3933DSC_3903DSC_3910IMG_0865IMG_0841DSC_3994Eventually we had to pack up and head back to Minneapolis.

DSC_3974DSC_3951DSC_3959Overall it was such a great camping trip, full of games, hanging out with our little babies, and catching up on the year of missed moments. We were so thankful that the trip wasn’t over yet and though we weren’t camping any more, we would get to spend some time together in the city. Another blog post to follow with pictures and stories from that time together.

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Isaiah’s Ten Months

DSC_4823 Ten months old. Another month has passed. Isaiah grows so quickly and changes every day. This month he became faster and more mobile; he is constantly on the move!!

DSC_4841DSC_4846New things this month:

1- signing. Since Isaiah was six months we have been doing some simple signs to him. “More”, “all done” and “nurse” were the first three we started with. He seemed to start signing to nurse before he was eight months, but it was inconsistent. Over the past month he definitely signs his own versions of “more” and “all done”… all the time. Even if he hears us using those words in a conversation from across the room, he will bring his hands together and sign it. His sign for “more” is clapping his hands together twice, but it’s clear that he is trying to copy us. Seeing him communicate has been such a joy. It’s also encouraged us to add more signs like please and thank you.

2- teeth. Over the course of five weeks, four teeth broke through. It was a painful five weeks for Isaiah and resulted in some long nights for all. But now he has them and his adorable tooth-y smiles are the proof! He’s enjoying being able to use those teeth as well.

DSC_48353- eating. Isaiah loves to eat! When he was nine months we realized that he wasn’t gaining as much weight as he should be (because of to a low milk supply due to pregnancy). So we started implementing meal times that are much more intentional, always having a protein and a few vegetables. Isaiah is thrilled to be able to eat more and happily eats an egg, lentils, beans, chicken, fish or beef with each meal. His favorite vegetables are anything orange. Squash, sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin; you name it. If it’s orange he’ll love it! He’s also been eating a lot of beets and potatoes. He’s not such a fan of the green vegetables right now but will eat them if they are with the other vegetables he likes. He loves to feed himself off of his tray and for the most part eats his meals this way. Thankfully bath time comes every night right after dinner because most often it is in high need.

4- sleep. We have made much progress in the area of sleep this month. Isaiah has learned to sleep in his crib and sleep through the night. Most nights now he is in his bed from 7-7. He tends to wake up one time for a cuddle and nursing with Mommy but overall he does really well. What an accomplishment for all!

5. catch. Isaiah loves to throw a ball! He seems so young to be able to throw a ball well but he taught himself from a young age with a ball that played a football fight song if he threw it hard enough. He will now play “catch” with you; although he’s definitely better at throwing than he is at catching.

There is so much more we could say. Isaiah becomes more interactive every day. We love you to pieces buddy; for who you are today and for who you are becoming!

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