Geerlinks’ Family Camping 2014- photo dump

In an attempt to do one final Geerlinks’ family camping 2014 post, I’ve just put the last of the great camping photos here. Forgive the large number of photos; its the picture hoarder in me (affectionately named so by my dear husband).


Two-on-one Grandma and Grandpa to Annika time. There may be lots of grandkids now but moments were seized whenever possible for intentional time.


The whole group of us. How we’ve added to our numbers over the past three years!


Grandpa found this seat for us. Cousin moments.


We played together… urgh… sometimes tackled each other… urgh… Isaiah tackled Ezekiel more but watch out Isaiah… he’s bigger!




Love her to pieces


Mommy time– Sarah relaxing and holding her precious baby


Just another day at the beach


Crawling straight into the water


Kids bath time at camp. Aunt Krista, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Bradley had the production line going.


Adult play time… keep away with the frisbee


Annika’s first canoe ride. She got in on the last few minutes after Mommy and Daddy had a little date. Each day a different couple got to go for a canoe ride while the Aunts/ Uncles/ Grandparents babysat.


A typical afternoon at the site. Babies in the dining tent to keep them away from the bugs. Have arms- will fill.


Every day nap time on the camp site. These two strollers were almost constantly in use with some combination of babies sleeping in them.


Daddy’s playing ladder ball with their babies attentively supervising.


Games time with the Daddy’s


Annika got more and more comfortable with Uncle Bradley this week of camping and by the last day was even excited for him to throw her in the air, exclaiming “again, again” each time it ended.

Overall it was an amazing camping trip. Pulling off a week of camping and all the corresponding food and gear for 11 adults and 4 kids was quite the feat, but it worked out so well and was an amazing gift to have the time together. We are looking forward to next summer already.


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