Beach Days- camping 2014

With the weather getting cooler it’s just a reminder that I need to keep looking at our beach pictures from this summer to remember the amazing times had.

On our family camping trip this summer, I think we were able to go to the beach every single day. For a summer that’s been full of below average temperatures and lots of rain, that’s saying a lot. Really our week of camping seemed to be one of the best weather weeks of the summer! DSC_3535Isaiah came alive playing in the sand. He enjoyed eating fistfuls of sand. My hope was that after doing that once or twice he would be discouraged by the texture and not do it again; wishful thinking Mom. He kept going back for more.

DSC_3681DSC_3559DSC_3690Annika loved playing at the beach and got much more brave with her swimming this summer. She was very excited to jump off the dock to someone treading water beneath her.

DSC_3688DSC_3694The adults took turns watching kids and playing games or reading books. Such a relaxing place to be!

DSC_3568DSC_3498I look back on the photos with great fondness of many beach memories. Looking forward to next summer already.

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