Nine Months

Nine months ago yesterday Isaiah came into this world and we got to meet this little man that would be joining our family. It’s crazy to think that finally we’ve known him outside the womb as long as we “knew” him inside. It feels like he’s been around forever! DSC_4608During Isaiah’s eighth month he learned many new things. Here are three of the highlights of this month.

1. On Aug 28, Isaiah’s first tooth broke through on the bottom left! It feels like a big accomplishment since he’s been “working” on this since four months old. It looks like the one beside it might follow close behind. DSC_4560

2. This month Isaiah has completely become interested in books. It’s amazing to watch him so enthralled in the story. He turns the pages willingly, almost with a swat of his hand. He has two books that he likes most of all. “The Little Blue Truck” and “Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes”. Mommy or Daddy could easily recite either if asked. Before bed we read Isaiah stories. He now knows that the basket beside the glider has his books. He will nearly dive out of our arms to peek into the basket in anticipation of the next story to be read.

3. Earlier this month I put Isaiah in the swing at the park and gave him a push. He fully broke out in giggles. It had been a while since we were at the park and I think he forgot how much fun the swings can be. Since then we’ve been making it more of a habit to be there and Isaiah sure loves it.


Isaiah’s giggles have turned to full out laughs this month. He brings so much joy to our home. We are crazy in love with you little boy.

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