Geerlinks’ Family Camping 2014

For a week in July our family gathered from across the country for a vacation/ camping adventure. This family has grown significantly over the past year– from 12 to 15. This time we needed three sites to hold us all. It was a busy week of camping with three babies under seven months old and an enthusiastic three year old. At some times it felt that we always had a baby in arms. But it was such a great opportunity to all be together.

Since I have way too many pictures to try to narrow it down to one blog post I’ll put them up over a few different posts. Lets be honest here- the vast majority – if not all – of the photos are of the kids.

It was so fun to watch each of the babies master a skill at camping.

Beckam- seven-week-old Beckam became so much more smiley during this week. He had already learned to smile a bit but it was fun to watch him engage more and smile responsively, especially to his parents.

DSC_3627  Ezekiel- at five months old Ezekiel learned to sit on our camping trip! It started with him being supported with a pillow in front but by the end he could hold it for a few minutes on his own. Of course, learning to sit also means tumbles periodically, but he did great!DSC_3671

Isaiah- 7 1/2 months old and mastered crawling this week! Just a few days before we left for camping he crawled for the first time. But being new at it didn’t slow him down. His favorite was to crawl from where he was crashing down sand castles to go splash in the water.

DSC_3697Such a fun time to have all these little babies learning, changing, and growing! Though it might not have been the most restful vacation, it certainly brought me new levels of joy watching Isaiah enjoy camping so much.


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