Eight Months


I’m eight months old!!

Isaiah turned eight months old when we were on our road trip to Minnesota (more on that later). Wow– the months pass so quickly now.

During Isaiah’s seventh month he had many milestones. He learned to crawl just one week after turning seven months. We weren’t surprised as he had been trying for some time but it’s amazing how suddenly it just “clicks”. The day he learned to crawl Daddy was away at a course. That evening Mommy and Isaiah went to visit Daddy for dinner. Daddy was so excited to see Isaiah’s new skills that he put him down on the carpet in Target and encouraged Isaiah to crawl to him. With a little prompting Isaiah proudly got on all fours and crawled over. When he was just a couple feet from Daddy he sat back on his bottom and put his hands together and clapped for himself (another skill mastered in his seventh month). Priceless. It was one of those moments when you wish you had a video camera on them at all times.

A lot of Isaiah’s seventh month was spent camping. He loves the outdoors so much that at one point I suggested to Jon that maybe we should just live outside. I’m sure I would change my mind when the Ontario cold starts rolling in.

Clapping was his specialty all month. He got so proud of being able to clap that he clapped for everything. Whenever anyone would try to teach him something new he would just start clapping. Isaiah’s Uncle Eric made a comment that it was too hard to teach him new things now because he was getting cocky with his clapping.

During Isaiah’s seventh month he got to meet his cousin Beckam and spend a bunch of time with Beckam as well as Annika and Ezekiel. He’s pretty crazy about his older cousin Annika. Whenever she walks in the room he lights up, giggling and chatting, wanting her to acknowledge him. The younger cousins aren’t as much fun yet but we tell him not to worry, in no time they’ll be fun too.

What a great month. You are more fun all the time! Can’t wait to see what next month will bring. We love you!

DSC_3884DSC_3881Just sampling some rocks by Lake Superior. Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me actually eat them. Apparently I was only allowed to “taste”.


2 + 2 = 4

DSC_4107-005Photo taken at 12 weeks pregnant

Our family has been blessed with a wonderful surprise! We are expecting another baby to join us in January 2015. Isaiah gets to be an older brother already. Finding out we were expecting again came with a full range of emotions. Excitement, fear, joy, nervous anticipation. The more time that passes the more excited we are to meet this little one.

One of the biggest changes that came with all of this is the change of plans for our time in Rwanda. With two little ones so close together we feel that it is not a good time for us to go there. Our hearts continue to yearn for Rwanda and we look forward to the day when we get to move our whole little family there. In the mean time, we are choosing right now to invest in the community that God has placed us in at this time; serving, engaging, and doing life here.

In the mean time, we get to enjoy our little family of three for five more months before our hearts expand again to make room to love even more! With excitement and anticipation.


DSC_4128 DSC_4137*Photo credit once again to the amazing photographer Natasha Moes– now Natasha Chandler.

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Geerlinks’ Family Camping 2014

For a week in July our family gathered from across the country for a vacation/ camping adventure. This family has grown significantly over the past year– from 12 to 15. This time we needed three sites to hold us all. It was a busy week of camping with three babies under seven months old and an enthusiastic three year old. At some times it felt that we always had a baby in arms. But it was such a great opportunity to all be together.

Since I have way too many pictures to try to narrow it down to one blog post I’ll put them up over a few different posts. Lets be honest here- the vast majority – if not all – of the photos are of the kids.

It was so fun to watch each of the babies master a skill at camping.

Beckam- seven-week-old Beckam became so much more smiley during this week. He had already learned to smile a bit but it was fun to watch him engage more and smile responsively, especially to his parents.

DSC_3627  Ezekiel- at five months old Ezekiel learned to sit on our camping trip! It started with him being supported with a pillow in front but by the end he could hold it for a few minutes on his own. Of course, learning to sit also means tumbles periodically, but he did great!DSC_3671

Isaiah- 7 1/2 months old and mastered crawling this week! Just a few days before we left for camping he crawled for the first time. But being new at it didn’t slow him down. His favorite was to crawl from where he was crashing down sand castles to go splash in the water.

DSC_3697Such a fun time to have all these little babies learning, changing, and growing! Though it might not have been the most restful vacation, it certainly brought me new levels of joy watching Isaiah enjoy camping so much.