Seven Months

DSC_3142Seven months old already. Growing up every day. Such a happy baby.

He sits up confidently now, but almost right after sitting up gets into the crawling position. He loves to rock back and forth like he’s about to crawl. I keep thinking it’s “any day now” but it takes a lot of coordination to learn such a task. He pushes himself backwards clear across the room (especially on hardwood floor). If there’s a toy on the other side of him that he wants? No problem. He just spins on the spot.

Isaiah is starting to prefer certain people a bit. He’s such an extravert and loves being with people but he definitely knows when Mommy and Daddy are around. If Mommy walks in the room he will make it known that he’d rather be with me.

His favourite song is “My God is So Big”. He has also been having fun with us singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, or “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

Isaiah would much prefer be on a walk or outside than in the apartment. Some days he seems fussy inside and I’m not sure why, but if I load him up in the stroller and head out on a walk, he’s happy instantly.

What a joy to watch you grow, little boy. You’re a great kid. Mommy and Daddy love you like crazy!

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