Isaiah’s First Camping Trip

Because of the long, arduous winter we had in Ontario, camping has been a key topic of conversations in our house for months. We were anxious to make plans for the “first weekend of summer”, Canada day weekend. After some deliberating we decided to go to Point Farms Provincial Park with Darrell and Steph and Nicole and Josh Stevens. It was an amazing weekend. The weather was gorgeous. Isaiah loved being outdoors so much.

There are so many photos to pick between but here are a few highlights.


Watching his first campfire. So fascinated by the flames.DSC_2950

First beach day.DSC_2955

“Crash”. Daddy teaching Isaiah to knock over sand castles. After showing him once he was clawing at any piles of sand.


This is about as close as Isaiah and I got to swimming. The water was FREEZING. Lake Huron after that long arduous winter. Crazy cold. Daddy, Josh and Uncle Darrell braved it though and swam a few times.DSC_2991

Eating dinner by the picnic table. Red peppers… yum!DSC_2994

Isaiah LOVES my parents dog, Raider, who also came along for the camping trip. Uncle Darrell decided Isaiah should ride Raider like a horse. Both Raider and Isaiah tolerated it pretty well. Until right at this moment when Isaiah had enough and sort of decided to dive off. Good thing Daddy was right there.DSC_3009

Since the water was too cold for Isaiah to swim in, Uncle Darrell built a little “dugout” in the sand and filled it with pails of water. Isaiah loved to splash in here and make it a bit of a mud pit.DSC_3048Watching sunset.


DSC_4351Isaiah’s first corn on the cob. Not sure how much corn he got but he loved it!

DSC_3065Our first campsite as a little family.DSC_3076 Enjoying our last relaxing afternoon on the beach. Isaiah was content to just watch Josh and Daddy playing volleyball. He kept saying “ba ba ba ba ba”. We decided in this case it meant “ball”… even though it’s one of two of his only sounds right now; “ba” or “ma”.DSC_3078Barbequed sausages on the beach.

Thanks everyone for a lovely weekend!

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