Oh coveted sleep

When I started this blog I promised to write not only about life on cloud nine but also about the hard days, about the struggles. This past week… err… month has been that. Isaiah has not been sleeping for longer than two hour stretches and naturally, neither have I. Jon has definitely taken his share of turns as well. We both feel a bit like we’re burning fumes here and are really hoping we’ve rounded a new corner. There’s a lot of possible reasons for his not sleeping well, and a lot of solutions we are trying. And a lot of prayer covering them all! The amazing part is that for the most part he is still so happy during the day. After a long night, waking up to his smiles, cuddles, and giggles give me new energy for each day.

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Seven Months

DSC_3142Seven months old already. Growing up every day. Such a happy baby.

He sits up confidently now, but almost right after sitting up gets into the crawling position. He loves to rock back and forth like he’s about to crawl. I keep thinking it’s “any day now” but it takes a lot of coordination to learn such a task. He pushes himself backwards clear across the room (especially on hardwood floor). If there’s a toy on the other side of him that he wants? No problem. He just spins on the spot.

Isaiah is starting to prefer certain people a bit. He’s such an extravert and loves being with people but he definitely knows when Mommy and Daddy are around. If Mommy walks in the room he will make it known that he’d rather be with me.

His favourite song is “My God is So Big”. He has also been having fun with us singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, or “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

Isaiah would much prefer be on a walk or outside than in the apartment. Some days he seems fussy inside and I’m not sure why, but if I load him up in the stroller and head out on a walk, he’s happy instantly.

What a joy to watch you grow, little boy. You’re a great kid. Mommy and Daddy love you like crazy!

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Introducing Solid Foods

When Isaiah turned six months both he and I were excited to begin solid foods. He had been trying to grab food out of our hands for a few weeks. In fact, just before he was six months his cousin Annika was handing out cupcakes for her birthday and he tried his hardest to get a hold of Daddy’s cupcake. Sorry buddy… it’s going to be a few months years before you get cupcakes. Not long after this Isaiah got his first food. It was a piece of cucumber. He loved it! Since then he continues to love almost anything we give him. He’s eaten a lot of cucumber sticks but his diet quickly expanded to include tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, peppers, sweet potato, carrots, pears, apples, banana, oatmeal, avocado… I’m sure there are more that I’m missing!


It’s been so fun to watch him learn the fine motor control of picking up food and bringing it to his mouth. This was in the first few days. He realized that two hands would help him hold it in and get a bit more enjoyment.


Pear is a definite favourite!


Welcome to the world of discovering food, Isaiah. There are so many delicious foods to explore!

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Isaiah’s First Camping Trip

Because of the long, arduous winter we had in Ontario, camping has been a key topic of conversations in our house for months. We were anxious to make plans for the “first weekend of summer”, Canada day weekend. After some deliberating we decided to go to Point Farms Provincial Park with Darrell and Steph and Nicole and Josh Stevens. It was an amazing weekend. The weather was gorgeous. Isaiah loved being outdoors so much.

There are so many photos to pick between but here are a few highlights.


Watching his first campfire. So fascinated by the flames.DSC_2950

First beach day.DSC_2955

“Crash”. Daddy teaching Isaiah to knock over sand castles. After showing him once he was clawing at any piles of sand.


This is about as close as Isaiah and I got to swimming. The water was FREEZING. Lake Huron after that long arduous winter. Crazy cold. Daddy, Josh and Uncle Darrell braved it though and swam a few times.DSC_2991

Eating dinner by the picnic table. Red peppers… yum!DSC_2994

Isaiah LOVES my parents dog, Raider, who also came along for the camping trip. Uncle Darrell decided Isaiah should ride Raider like a horse. Both Raider and Isaiah tolerated it pretty well. Until right at this moment when Isaiah had enough and sort of decided to dive off. Good thing Daddy was right there.DSC_3009

Since the water was too cold for Isaiah to swim in, Uncle Darrell built a little “dugout” in the sand and filled it with pails of water. Isaiah loved to splash in here and make it a bit of a mud pit.DSC_3048Watching sunset.


DSC_4351Isaiah’s first corn on the cob. Not sure how much corn he got but he loved it!

DSC_3065Our first campsite as a little family.DSC_3076 Enjoying our last relaxing afternoon on the beach. Isaiah was content to just watch Josh and Daddy playing volleyball. He kept saying “ba ba ba ba ba”. We decided in this case it meant “ball”… even though it’s one of two of his only sounds right now; “ba” or “ma”.DSC_3078Barbequed sausages on the beach.

Thanks everyone for a lovely weekend!

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