Reading aloud, learning every day

Isaiah loves for us to read books to him. He enthusiastically tries to turn the page, and sometimes tries to put the whole book in his mouth. It’s been fun to explore the books that we’ve accumulated. I thought I had SO many books but I’ve realized that when you read a few every day, you quickly become familiar with the story and can say it back without reading the words.

I came across a blog post this week about children and literacy, introducing language and listening skills and letter knowledge to children at a very young age. It is too advanced for Isaiah right now, but makes me excited for the preschool years and the seasons to come.

The website includes a great reading suggestions list for young children. We already have some of these books but it makes me excited to collect more of them.

I hope you were as inspired and excited about the learning potential of our little ones as you read her blog post.

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