Two great Dad’s in my life

This Fathers Day I got to celebrate not only my amazing father, but also my husband as a father. What a great day to celebrate two incredible men in my life.

For Jon we woke up and made a special breakfast. Isaiah “helped”… err… really he watched.

DSC_2858Then we gave him his gift. Part of his gift was Isaiah’s hand and foot prints. Isaiah was a bit reluctant to let me dip his hands and feet in paint and press it into a canvas, but he did fairly well all things considered. He later examined his work.

DSC_1055After church our little family went to a classics car show. Jon gave Isaiah a lesson on classic cars.

DSC_2872Then we went to Mom and Dad’s place to prepare and celebrate Fathers Day for my Dad and also his birthday which was the day before. We made kebabs and steaks and Greek salad. Dad was up for barbequing even though it was his party.

DSC_2875We ended the party with an epic multi layer ice cream cake that I made over the course of two days. The layers consisted of: cookie dough, peanut butter ice cream, oh henry bits, cookie dough ice cream, and then a final layer of caramel and chocolate chips.

DSC_2884All in all, it was a great day to celebrate two men who mean the world to me. A father who has loved me well, who has taught me commitment, perseverance and dedication; who has served us well and sacrificed so much for us.

And a day to celebrate my amazing husband and his first year as a father. So many people have already said it but it’s my turn to say, what an amazing journey to watch the one you love become a father and pour out his love and sacrifice on our little one. Jon has been a great father to Isaiah; loving him through playing with him, reading to him, watching him grow, and supporting me to be the mother I’ve needed to be to Isaiah in this first six months when his need for mommy is the greatest.

My heart is full and I am so thankful that God has blessed my life with these amazing men.

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