Six month check up

He’s a little past six months but we had Isaiah’s six month doctors visit today. I was excited to see what his weight is now since he hasn’t been weighed for a while. 17 lbs 1 oz. The goal is to double their birth weight by 6 months? Done! Good job buddy! His length today was 71 cm. So for weight he falls in the 40th percentile. Height? The 85th. Hmmm. Is he going to be tall like his uncles, I wonder?

I wanted to take a picture of him being weighed but it was a bit crazy, having to wake him up to weigh him and the nurse was in a rush so it didn’t happen. But after the appointment I walked around the lake in Meadowvale for a bit while I waited to meet a friend and I took a photo there. I thought I’d include that picture here instead.

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