Living in Georgetown

Though I was born and raised in Georgetown I never really imagined living my first two years of marriage here and having my own first child here. For so many years I knew I would be living oversees; likely in some country in Africa. But this is where God has us and it’s been a great season. I’ve realized how much I really like this town. We live a km away from my parents, which has been great. Close enough to walk over for visits, but still have our own space.


We also live a short walk from downtown old Georgetown, and there, is our favourite coffee shop. Early on in our marriage we discovered this cute coffee shop walking distance away. It’s really nothing special but it’s a place we can walk to, on a casual impromptu date night- a walk and a coffee.


I also love how close everything is in Georgetown. I’m regularly reminded of this. When I run out to pick up groceries, or go to the dentist, or to a hair appointment, it’s all within a few minutes. The novelties of a “small town” (even though Georgetown really is not that small). I sometimes say Georgetown has made me a suburbia snob. Because I can have the small town feel but also can access all the stores and entertainment that I want to with Mississauga and Toronto less than an hour away.

So, we’re thankful for these two years in Georgetown. Who knows where the next steps will lead us and whether we will be back here again. But it’s been a good season!



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